Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

The Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge is Now Live

  • Upwards of $1 million was transferred from Ethereum to Avalanche in the first four hours of the bridge being live.
  • Ethereum is currently unstable, slow and expensive, with single transactions on DeFi products reaching upwards of $700.

Bancor Community Votes to Extend Liquidity Mining For Existing Programs

  • The beneficiaries of the liquidity mining incentive feature Chainlink, Wrapped BTC and the most popular stablecoins.
  • Bancor is currently working on a new solution that will replace the current liquidity mining program.

Huobi Announces Support for Russian Rubles

  • To promote the new fiat on-ramp option, most service fees have been lowered.
  • Huobi was already popular in Russia before the partnership, as 10% of its trading volume was being performed by Russian citizens.

Eligma Secures €4 Million Investment, Currently Valued at €50 Million

  • The total funding amount that the startup has received so far now exceeds $22 million.
  • In addition to regulatory compliance and business expansion, Eligma has also promised an improvement of the tokenomics of their native token. Will Host the Ideaology IEO

  • The Ideaology crowdsale will be the second one hosted by, after the successful IEO of Atari's very own ATRI token last year.
  • The IDEA token will be native to a platform for freelance workers, with an integrated digital marketplace and an Idea launch-pad.

Kim Dotcom’s New Content Monetisation Service will Utilise Bitcoin Cash

  • Kim Dotcom's newest service will allow users to receive microtransaction payments for their file uploads.
  • Following support for BTC, including Lightning and Liquid, Bitcoin Cash will also be a supported payment option.

Damage Done: Coinbase is Delisting XRP

  • The avalanche of XRP delistings seems to have arrived, as Coinbase has just announced that the asset will not be tradeable on their platform after January 19.
  • The larger cryptocurrency community is torn on the issue, while XRP has lost two thirds of its price within ten days.

Donald Trump is Considering Clemency for Ross Ulbricht

  • The initiative to free Ross Ulbricht has gained massive support throughout the years, with some White House insiders being known supporters of the cause.
  • No official source has confirmed the information, sources for the Daily Beast are anonymous.

Mysterious Miner Threatens The Existence Of Bitcoin Cash ABC

  • Transactions on the ABC chain are only let through if they contain the following message in their op_return: "There was never a funding problem."
  • The occasional block mined by ViaBTC mostly contains spam transactions, making transacting on the network next to impossible.

Bitcoin Cash Splits, Again

  • The outcome of the contentious fork appears to be a massive win for the new BCHN implementation.
  • BCHA, while still alive and kicking, appears to only catch 5% of the coin's value. alongside less than 0.1% of the total SHA256 hash rate.