Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Mysterious Miner Threatens The Existence Of Bitcoin Cash ABC

  • Transactions on the ABC chain are only let through if they contain the following message in their op_return: "There was never a funding problem."
  • The occasional block mined by ViaBTC mostly contains spam transactions, making transacting on the network next to impossible.

Bitcoin Cash Splits, Again

  • The outcome of the contentious fork appears to be a massive win for the new BCHN implementation.
  • BCHA, while still alive and kicking, appears to only catch 5% of the coin's value. alongside less than 0.1% of the total SHA256 hash rate.

Cred Files For Bankruptcy

  • Following irregularities in the handling of specific corporate funds by a perpetrator of fraudulent activity, crypto lender Cred has filed for bankruptcy.
  • A recovery plan has been initiated with the goal of recovering user funds.

After a Successful IEO, The Atari Token Is Now Trading Live

  • ATRI's initial live trading price is revolving around the IEO price, providing an opportunity for people who didn't pass KYC to purchase the tokens.
  • The IEO lasted slightly more than 24 hours before reaching its hard cap of $1,000,000.

Gaming Giant Atari To Launch An IEO On

  • The asking price during the IEO will be more than 3 times higher than the price in the first presale round.
  • The token will be used for payments in video games and DeFi use cases are also possible in the future. CEO: Our Service Is Here To Stay

  • CEO Andrew Lee explains that the initial decision to shut down the service was not due to financial problems.
  • The community reaction after the decision removed any doubt from the company's leadership that cryptocurrency is still used as p2p electronic cash.

BitMax Overtakes Binance, Becomes Most Profitable IEO Platform Amid Altcoins Bull Market

  • Throughout the last 2 months, STAKE grew from $1 to $20, while DOS reached 40 times its IEO price.
  • Those massive increases in value ensured BitMax's top spot as the most profitable IEO platform.

Binance’s Latest Launchpad Offering Sees Increased Participant Interest

  • The Sandbox's IEO on Binance is the most popular initial exchange offering in the past 10 months.
  • The native-to-the-gaming-ecosystem SAND token opened trading at 8 times its IEO price, but quickly dropped down 50% in a stabilizing bid.

Nexo Distributes over $6 Million In Dividends To Token Holders

  • This is the third dividend distribution to eligible NEXO token holders, making the total around $9.5 million.
  • The first two distributions amounted to $912,071 and $2,409,575 respectively.

Ava Labs Increases Public Sale Token Allocation Due To High Demand

  • A total of 72 million AVAX tokens are now available for purchase - at $0.50 and $0.85 a piece.
  • The ICO is set to raise around $40 million, if it hits the hard cap.