Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.
An Antminer device for Bitcoin mining

Bitmain Releases The Antminer Z11

Bitmain has just announced the release of its new Equihash ASIC miner - the Antminer Z11. In...
A long queue

Celer ICO Concludes, Resulting in Public Disappointment With Binance Launchpad

The ICO of second-layer scaling solution Celer, performed on top of Binance Launchpad, has concluded. According to...
A pocket watch

Bittrex Cancels RAID Token Sale, First IEO on the Platform Postponed Indefinitely

Those of us curious to see whether Binance competitors will bee successful with ICO launches on their...
Software code

Ethereum Has the Most Active Protocol Developers, Bitcoin Forks Are Slowly Being Abandoned

We at ChainBulletin have previously made in-depth analysis on cryptocurrency communities. Our first research was met with...
A store with a Closed sign

CoinEx Announces Termination of Services in Mainland China

CoinEx will prohibit Chinese residents from using their services, a new statement by the exchange proclaims.
Las Vegas skyline

LockTrip Launch Testnet Utilising Proof of Stake

The LockTrip team have been relatively quiet after their ICO. Once called crypto scammers for their questionable...
Two men arm wrestling with gambling money on the table

Tone Vays Gets Bitcoin Mainstream Publicity with a Sarcastic Bet Proposition

Apart from the painful token price drops, crypto winter is also marked by a lack of mainstream...
Chess Board Brings Back BitPay Support For Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Payments

While massive for cryptocurrency adoption and popularity in general, the past two years have not been perfect...
Fetch AI ICO Repeats BitTorrent's Post-ICO Price Jump

Fetch AI ICO Repeats BitTorrent’s Post-ICO Price Jump

Binance's Launchpad service has been showing a pattern, that's remarkably similar to the 2017 Ethereum-based ICO craze.
Cryptopia Sheds Light on the Amount of Funds Stolen by Hackers

Cryptopia Sheds Light on the Amount of Funds Stolen by Hackers

More than six weeks have passed since the Christchurch-based exchange was hacked, with plenty of speculation about...