Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Avalaunch Project Performance for Investors (Part 2)

  • Three new Avalaunch IDO tokens are currently valued significantly higher than their sale price.
  • The upcoming Imperium Empires game is perhaps the most hyped up project to launch a token on the launchpad.

Airdrops Announced for Stakers on Avalanche Accelerator Colony

  • In addition to the first two airdrops, multiple others are planned, while the platform will also grant access to validator and liquidity provider rewards, index performance fees and DAO voting.
  • The circulating supply of the token is spectacularly low since 81% of the initial tokens are currently locked in staking.

Protocol-Owned DEX Liquidity (PODL) Contracts Explained

  • PODL contracts are part of the reason for the overnight growth of new lending platforms, particularly Geist on Fantom and Blizz on Avalanche.
  • While the opportunity that they represent is attractive, it is rarely present for traders and it comes at a cost.

TaleCraft IDO – Massive Profits and an Overlooked Airdrop

  • Less than a week after the start of open trading, TaleCraft price is stable at 50 times the IDO valuation.
  • Every single XAVA staker who claimed an allocation is also eligible for an airdrop worth more than the potential investment amount

The New COVID Variant and Market Reactions – What Does it Mean for Bitcoin

  • A typical store of value would outperform riskier assets during moments of recession fears. Bitcoin has historically done the opposite.
  • Given the performance of cryptocurrencies during fearful markets, their place in a portfolio is the one for high-risk, high-reward assets.

Pangolin V2 Is Live

  • The V2 update features new pools, an improved reward system and a massive token burn event to improve PNG scarcity.
  • A day after the official launch, yield farmers are still enjoying APRs well above standard DeFi rates.

Avalaunch 7 Months In – Project Performance for Investors

  • The worst performing IDO on the platform is still up in price 3 times, despite not even having a finalised product, while the best performer increased its value 150 times in less than a week.
  • Avalaunch also has a clever tokenomics system, aimed at attracting new small-time investors.

Scammers Steal $65,000 As YouTube Search Results Recommend Fake Apple Event Video

  • The scammer impersonated Apple, taking advantage of the highly anticipated October 18 event by the company.
  • No BTC was stolen, but more than 17 Ethereum were swindled out of their three owners.

Pirate Bay Quietly Launched a Digital Token. Is It a Scam?

  • The 30 million visitors of the torrent website are now one click away from purchasing Pirate tokens.
  • The token itself appears questionable at best, with upwards of 99.9% of its supply still belonging to the token creator.

The New Pangolin Liquidity Mining Rewards Are Live

  • The new yield farming rules set the PNG-pair rewards to three times those of AVAX pairs.
  • This appears to be the first of many governance votes, aimed at improving the tokenomics of the PNG token.