Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Celsius Network Projecting Record Revenues For March Despite Economic Collapse

  • Cryptocurrency lending platforms Celsius and Nexo both announced reassuring details about their performance in the market crash.
  • Despite decaying market conditions, Celsius is expecting record revenue in March.

Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS Now Available on Binance Lending

  • The option to supply any of the three cryptocurrencies is already available for users of the exchange.
  • Users are limited to supplying at most 1 million units of any single crypto asset, which in the case of Bitcoin Cash makes up more than 5% of the circulating supply.

Binance Opens Up XTZ Deposit For US Customers, Trading Starts Today

  • Deposits are already available on Binance US, withdrawals will be enabled when trading starts at 9:00 AM EST.
  • At the time of writing, Tezos is the worst performer amongst the top 25 cryptocurrencies, dropping 28% within 24 hours.

The National Digital Currency of The Marshall Islands Will Be Powered by Algorand

  • The new digital asset will utilise a co-chain of Algorand, instead of the main chain.
  • Its price will be pegged to the US dollar and it will be gradually released to the public via a ICO-like process that would continue for 18 months.

Bitcoin ABC, Jiang Zhuoer Determined to Implement a Mining Tax on Bitcoin Cash

  • Major ecosystem participants, including former supporters of the proposal, have publicly criticised the actions of the most popular Bitcoin Cash node implementation and its representatives.
  • The latest iteration of the proposal features a 5% redistribution amount, a voting system and a whitelist of fund recipients.

Roger Ver Explains The Motivations Behind The @Bitcoin Twitter Handle Ownership Change

  • In Ver's words, the original owner was one of the earliest popular bitcoiners who lost his cryptocurrency fortune to a hack.
  • Selling Twitter accounts is prohibited by the service's policies.

Nexo’s First Wave of Policy Change Going Live Today

  • Despite the early announcement, the market reaction only occurred as the changes were about to go live.
  • The company is also working on additional features that could increase the demand for Nexo tokens significantly.

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Announced as Keynote Speaker at The CoinGeek London Conference (Updated)

  • The conference is advertised as an opportunity to meet and chat with Craig Wright himself.
  • Wales has expressed severe scepticism of Wright's claims in the past.

BitPay Will Support BTC and BCH Payments From Any Wallet or Exchange

  • The change of direction is part of a series of decisions aimed at expanding BitPay's user base.
  • The company has explained the potential risks with the new approach, and the measures taken to allow for the same smooth user experience as before.

United Arab Emirates Are Using Blockchain For Their Health Data Platform

  • Blockchains have the ability to prevent data theft, while also allowing access to essential data when necessary.
  • The UAE have implemented a blockchain solution for their health data platform, following Estonia's positive example.