Nikolay Nikov

Early bitcoin adopter and cryptocurrency advocate. Former altcoin miner. Working full-time in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2016.

Maxine Waters Will Lead a U.S. Delegation in Switzerland to Discuss Facebook’s Libra

  • The delegation will meet with Switzerland's Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Adrian Lobsiger to discuss Facebook's project.
  • It is led by Maxine Waters, one of the Libra's most outspoken critics.

Global Recession Indicators Send the Crypto Market in Freefall

  • Bitcoin has proclaimed its intended role as a store of value during recessions since its genesis block.
  • Still, the news about an incoming recession saw the coin react like it is part of the "high-risk gambling vehicle" asset class, in stark contrast to established stores of value.

Binance Announces Its Eight Launchpad Project

  • Binance returns to high-throughput, quick-finality blockchains by hosting an IEO for Perlin's Wavelet blockchain. Lottery rules have been updated.
  • The project is backed by the Singapore Government, the Indian Government and Bitmain among others.

Coinbase Is Evaluating Eight Additional Digital Assets

  • The list of potential listings is dominated by high-throughput and quick-finality blockchains.
  • Coinbase have boldly stated that they want to list almost all high-volume coins on the market.

Nexo’s Latest Dividend Announcement Reveals a Three-Fold Increase in Net Profit

  • The dividend is three times bigger than the one before it, revealing a significant increase in company net profits.
  • Long-term holders will receive a higher payout rate. Announces A New Fiat Gateway and a Leadership Change

  • Stefan Rust will replace Roger Ver as CEO of, while Ver will serve as an executive chairman.
  •'s new exchange will use Bitcoin Cash as a base currency and will serve as a fiat gateway.

Despite Community Pessimism, WINk Starts Trading at Eight Times Its IEO Price

  • For the first time in months, the ratio of winning lottery tickets has improved for participants.
  • The token stabilised at around 3.5 times its IEO price, proving pessimists wrong.

Binance Announces an IEO for a Gaming Platform Token

  • WINk is a rebrand of the most popular Dapp on the Tron network - TRONbet.
  • The IEO will value the token relatively high but expectations are that investor interest will still be high.

New York State Department of Financial Services Announces a New Research and Innovation Division

  • The new division will be responsible for assessing the novel technology and granting licenses.
  • For now there are no hints about the willingness of the new structure to deregulate the industry.

Huobi’s Stablecoin Sees a Successful Launch and 30 Million USD in Trading Volume

  • Starting today, HUSD is a separate token, rather than a virtual encapsulation of stablecoins on Huobi.
  • The trading volume of the token is already impressive, and likely to grow as Huobi has introduced 0-fee trading for it.