Airdrops Announced for Stakers on Avalanche Accelerator Colony

  • In addition to the first two airdrops, multiple others are planned, while the platform will also grant access to validator and liquidity provider rewards, index performance fees and DAO voting.
  • The circulating supply of the token is spectacularly low since 81% of the initial tokens are currently locked in staking.
An airdrop sign featuring a dollar bill with a parachute


One of the latest projects to perform a sale on the Avalaunch launchpad, Colony, has been announcing multiple pleasant surprises to both open market buyers and IDO investors who did not dump their tokens on day one.

The public sale was a success for the project, bringing in an investment of $2,000,000, the highest ever on the Avalanche project launchpad. With more than 27,000 individual investors it is also the most popular one so far.

Just 10 days after the impressive IDO, Colony holders already have a number of pleasant surprises to look forward to. The first snapshot for stakers has been taken, and airdrops are on their way. Things will kick off with the native token for the Imperium Empires game, which is also set to launch on Avalaunch in the near future.

Shortly after the first airdrop announcement, another one was published – this time for TaleCraft tokens. At first, it looks to be a profitable one, too, as TaleCraft is one of the most impressive success stories for investors on the Avalaunch platform.

Of course, airdropped money is always great, but it is not the only way in which Colony stakers will be rewarded. The sheer amount of opportunities on promising new blockchains such as Avalanche can be overwhelming, even to those who deal with them full time. Colony is attempting to bring an all-in-one solution for everyone interested, as even before their official launch, they coined the term “Ecosystem Farming” to describe their approach. Thus, in addition to airdrops, the Colony community will also have access to validator program rewards, LP rewards, index performance fees and DAO voting.

As for the price of the token, it happens to be the second least profitable for Avalaunch quick sellers (which is still impressive at almost x10). That being said, its significantly reduced float might indicate immense profit opportunities to people who play their cards correctly.

According to the official Twitter account of the project, currently 81% of the initial circulating supply has been staked. That could result in high price volatility, especially given that in addition to staking, people are also taking the advantage of the opportunity to provide liquidity, driving the actual unlocked circulating supply even further down.

Thanks to the low available supply for liquidity provision, the actual liquidity is rather low, which does mean less people to share DEX fees with, so it comes at no surprise that APR for LPs has been abnormally high since launch. That being said, because of the reduced float, if the expected volatility expectations are also met, even the current triple digit rates might not be enough to make up for impermanent loss.

As for airdrop profitability, we are also looking forward to giving our readers a good APR estimate once the first ones get sent. It is difficult to evaluate them at present – as returns might range from “not worth the opportunity cost” to outrageously high.

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