CipherTrace Files Patent For Monero-Tracking Technology

  • This is the second patent filing from the blockchain analytics firm that outlines a Monero tracking technology.
  • Both applications are the result of the firm's work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which began in 2019.

US Postal Services File For Blockchain-Based Mail-In Voting Patent

  • The USPS has proposed a number of different frameworks and concepts around its central idea of blockchain-based voting.
  • The news follows recent comments from President Donald J. Trump concerning the funding of the mail service.

Visa Files For “Digital Fiat Currency” Patent

  • The U.S. dollar was specifically mentioned as a potential fiat currency to be used.
  • Consensus mechanism for the blockchain has still not be chosen, though proof of stake was given as an example.

The Winklevoss Brothers Awarded 6 Stablecoin Patents

  • One of the Winklevoss' patents describes how financial transactions, conducted via smart contracts, could use stablecoins as collateral.
  • Another, explains how banks and "other trusted entities" can be used to create and issue new tokens.

IBM Patents a “Self-Aware Token”

  • IBM's patent describes a a ledger-based payments system, which uses "self-aware tokens" to track and record offline transactions.
  • The company claims that the system's ability to track the history of a token will "bolster trust and viability" within a new token-based economy.

New IBM Patent: Switching Mobile Service Providers Using Blockchain

  • The new patent describes a system that makes it easier for people to switch service providers while keeping the same phone number.
  • Current number portability services are inefficient, costly, and slow, and can take up to 15 days.

Nike Awarded CryptoKicks Patent

  • Blockchain will be used to secure ownership and allow consumers to check sneaker authenticity.
  • The digital asset management will be handled by Digital Locker, which is essentially a blockchain-powered mobile app.

IBM Patents Blockchain Use For Preventing Thefts by Drones

  • The patent describes a system where packages will be equipped with an altimeter, tracking their altitude to prevent drones from stealing it.
  • Blockchain will be preferably used as a way to store the tracking data, granting access to the consumer, merchant, and shipper.

Cisco Secures 5G Edge With Blockchain Patent

  • In the race for 5G supremacy, every small advantage will count.
  • The patent describes a blockchain platform the can be implemented in wireless networks and helps with the data exchange between devices and the networks they operate in.

Coinbase Patents System that Identifies Non-Compliant Accounts

  • Coinbase's system will use a variety of factors to determine if an account fails the compliance standards or not.
  • The system will self update its compliance model from the data that it collects, as well as suspended and report "bad" accounts.