Find the latest blockchain patent developments.

Blockchain-Based vSIM Cards Patent Awarded to Verizon
  • The telecommunications giant could soon replace traditional physical SIM cards with a software version, secured with blockchain-based encryption.
  • The vSIM could be used from multiple devices associated with the user's account,and even be temporarily assigned to other users.
Bank of America Tries to Patent Multi-Tiered Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • The wallet will be configured to work in a decentralized peer-to-peer network.
  • The current cryptocurrency wallet system has a number of security issues, such as mismanagement or potential theft of private keys.
IBM Has Filed for a Blockchain-Based Web Browser Patent
  • The web browser will gather pre-specified information from browsing sessions, which will then be transferred to a peer-to-peer network for on-chain storage.
  • The filing also shows that a token has been included in the model, and it will be used to verify a user's browsing session, as it is packaged into blocks on the network.