Doncho Karaivanov

Doncho Karaivanov is a Co-Founder and the Creative Director at The Chain Bulletin. Starting as a Software Engineer in 2011, he transitioned into creating his own digital marketing company in 2015. He first got involved with blockchain in 2013, helping run a small mining operation with a colleague. In 2017, along with 2 mates from Sofia University, he co-founded a small blockchain-based startup, focusing on user interface. While working there, the idea for The Chain Bulletin was born, which ultimately became the main focus of the startup.

No, CoinDesk, Satoshi’s Local Time Zone Wasn’t UTC+8

  • Satoshi used's webmail client to send emails, making the timezone in the Date header field therein irrelevant.
  • This time zone is naturally the same as the one in the Received header field of the same emails.

Satoshi Nakamoto Lived in London While Working on Bitcoin. Here’s How We Know.

  • Satoshi's Bitcointalk posts, SourceForge commits, and emails, lay out a clear activity pattern, which we plotted in different time zones.
  • Other available data gave us clues that helped us determine, with reasonable confidence, where he lived.

Live Coverage: Ethereum 2.0 Launch

  • Ethereum 2.0's deposit contract is now live and accepting stakes from investors.
  • Once the milestone of 16,384 validators and 524,288 ETH staked is reached, Beacon Chain will activate the genesis event.

Voyager Now Manages More Than $100 Million In Crypto Assets

  • The crypto brokerage agency attributes the exponential growth to its "commission-free, easy to use platform".
  • In an upcoming fintech conference, COO Gerard Hanshe and CEO Stephen Ehrlich will discuss trading tools and Voyager's future plans, respectively.

Chainalysis Helps DOJ Seize More Than $1B In BTC Stolen From Silk Road

  • Agents from IRS-CI used Chainalysis tools and managed to identify Individual X, from whom the funds were seized.
  • The civil complaint is a mere standard procedure aiming to prove that the seized assets are subject to forfeiture.

The Blockchain-Enabled Elections Of The Future

  • We now have the technology to immutably store and process data in a trustless environment, yet we still resort to paper ballots as the fundamental ingredient for elections.
  • In a blockchain-enabled future, voting will be as simple as withdrawing money from an ATM, and processing election results will be finished in minutes.

Forbes Alleges Binance Schemes To Evade Regulators, Binance CEO Responds

  • The report by Forbes Crypto alleges that Binance employed an elaborate scheme to circumvent US regulations by distracting them with the "Tai-Chi Entity".
  • Binance CEO denied the accusations, stating that the article was FUD and that Binance had always operated within the boundaries of the law.

President Trump’s Campaign Website Was Hacked By Crypto Scammers

  • The scheme promised "evidence that completely discredits mr trump" if people sent enough cryptocurrency to a designated Monero address.
  • Another Monero address was available where people who didn't want the "evidence" to be released could send cryptocurrency.

Opinion: Why The $100,000 Harvest Finance Bounty Is Absurd

  • Only if we put ourselves in the shoes of the attacker can we find a possible angle of negotiation in a bid to recover more from the 13 million USDC and 11 million USDT that were profited from the arbitrage scheme.
  • Although the Harvest Finance team has acted responsibly in the face of an unprecedented-to-the-project crisis, their bounty reward initiative is naive.

The Harvest Finance Exploit

  • An attacker managed to devise a scheme by which they were able to effectively steal $24 million in crypto assets using arbitrage between multiple DeFi platforms.
  • After the exploit became known, TVL on Harvest Finance rapidly dropped as did the price of its native FARM token.