Doncho Karaivanov

Doncho is a serial entrepreneur and a supporter of blockchain technology. He is a co-founder of Niquid Tech and the editor-in-chief at ChainBulletin. He enjoys writing about anything related to technology, especially if it's innovative and still gaining speed.

Unibright Updates Workshop Packages, Pushes For More UBT Adoption

  • The smallest workshop package is no longer available, while the workshop price of UBT has been re-evaluated to $0.42.
  • UBT is unaffected by the latest crypto market dump and has skyrocketed in 2020 from $0.018 to $0.25, a 1,288% increase.

Tether Deploys on Algorand

  • Tether announced back in July, 2019, that they will deploy on Algorand.
  • Algorand has become only the fifth blockchain where USDT is available for trading.

Top 10 Crypto Predictions For 2020 Based On 2019 Growth Pattern

  • 2019 growth percentages dictate Bitcoin at $13,706, Binance Coin at $31, and Tezos at $4 towards the end of 2020.
  • As FOMO kicks in again, 2020 will surely set its own pace, but there's still a lot of things to learn from 2019.

Can Bitcoin be Used as a Central Bank Digital Currency?

  • As unlikely as it might be, we took a look at bitcoin being used as a central bank digital currency.
  • We listed the pros and cons, as well as the necessary evolution bitcoin would have to go through in order to be used as a CBDC.

Gemini Becomes First Crypto Exchange to Integrate with TradingView

  • The integration allows users of TradingView to trade digital assets directly on the platform.
  • Only cryptocurrencies supported by Gemini can be traded, including BTC and ETH.

Kraken Discovers Critical Flaw in Trezor Hardware Wallets, Trezor Responds

  • The flaw was discovered back in October 2019 and is only now being publicly shared in order to help people protect themselves.
  • Using the passphrase feature is the best way to avoid the flaw, though there are downfalls.

Litecoin Leads The Way in Second Bullish Frenzy of The Week

  • With the forth bull run of the month, the crypto market is closing January with a strong statement.
  • LTC led the way, with EOS and ETH following closely behind.

SEC Concludes Investigation of Riot Blockchain

  • The company was investigated after causing some commotion around its name change from Bioptix Inc. to Riot Blockchain.
  • The SEC has announced that it will not recommend an enforcement against the company, with respect to the matters investigated by the agency.

BITPoint Integrates Chainalysis Reactor to Track Illicit Activity

  • Using the new tool, the crypto exchange will monitor activity across multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • After the 2019 hack, BITPoint used the help of Chainalysis to trace the stolen funds and alert crypto businesses dealing with them.

Andrew Yang Shares Standpoint on Crypto Regulation, Blockchain Technology

  • In an interview with Bloomberg, Andrew Yang talked about how we need a strict set of rules regarding digital assets.
  • He also mentioned that blockchain technology has a high potential and that "we should be investing in it".