Doncho Karaivanov

Doncho Karaivanov is a co-founder and the editor-in-chief at The Chain Bulletin. Starting as a software engineer in 2011, he transitioned into creating his own digital marketing company in 2015. He first got involved with blockchain in 2013, helping run a small mining operation with a colleague. In 2017, along with 2 mates from Sofia University, he co-founded a small blockchain-based startup, focusing on user interface. While working there, the idea for The Chain Bulletin was born, which ultimately became the main focus of the startup.

Derivatives & Spot Exchange FTX Joins Coinbase Custody International

  • The native $FTT exchange token will be securely stored on Coinbase Custody.
  • FTX is the largest crypto derivativesexchange to-date to join Coinbase's custody solution.

Harmony Becomes 1st Sharded PoS Blockchain

  • With 4 shards and a proprietary Effective Proof-of-Stake algorithm, Harmony has laid the foundation upon which developers can build.
  • The project's goals for 2020 include sub-8 second settlement times and transitioning to community governance.

Delegated Proof of Stake Explained in Simple Terms

  • DPoS is a form of PoS that limits the number of block producers.
  • Block producers are elected through a voting process, where the public uses tokens to stake their votes on delegates they believe in.

Beware: Livestream Crypto Scams On YouTube

  • The scammers are using popular figures such as Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak to try and defraud people.
  • They also buff the channels with fake subscribers and viewers to make the livestreams seem more realistic.

The Third Bitcoin Halving (Live Coverage)

  • Today marks a historic event in bitcoin's evolution as the third halving approaches.
  • After the halving, block reward will go down from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, heavily disrupting the mining industry.

Sharding Explained in Simple Terms

  • Sharding intends to solve one of the oldest of blockchain problems - scalability.
  • This dataset segmentation method, originally applied on databases, could increase transactions handled per second by hundreds of times.

Unibright Presents All-In-One Security Token Offering Tool Freequity

  • Freequity aims to provide a 360° tokenization platform where users can smoothly run STOs.
  • The tool touches bases with all key aspects of security token offerings, including regulation, integration, and liquidity.

UFC Partners With Chiliz To Expand Fan Engagement

  • Chiliz enables sports organizations to engage fans more intimately via the Socios app.
  • The UFC will use this partnership to advance their own adoption of blockchain as well as to engage fans around the world with exclusive opportunities.

Algorand To Hold Q&A Session On Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • The session will feature the team behind the national digital currency of the Marshal Islands.
  • The discussion intends to cover key topics surrounding CBDCs, including why blockchain should be used as the underlying technology and how adoption can be accelerated.

Bitcoin Futures Explained in Simple Terms

  • With simple examples, we explain what futures are, how they work, and why people use them.
  • We then explain how bitcoin futures work (both shorts and longs), on which exchanges they are available, and list their pros and cons.