Doncho Karaivanov

Doncho Karaivanov is a Co-Founder and the Editor-In-Chief at The Chain Bulletin. Starting as a Software Engineer in 2011, he transitioned into creating his own digital marketing company in 2015. He first got involved with blockchain in 2013, helping run a small mining operation with a colleague. In 2017, along with 2 mates from Sofia University, he co-founded a small blockchain-based startup, focusing on user interface. While working there, the idea for The Chain Bulletin was born, which ultimately became the main focus of the startup.

The Crypto Market Is Preparing For Ethereum 2.0

  • Several delays and a couple years of flying under the radar have set up Ethereum's Beacon Chain as a catalyst to a possible crypto market renaissance.
  • Phase 0 launch is just around the corner and the market is preparing for the expected increase in demand for ETH.

Opinion: Why The Brave Affiliate Link Antics Matter More Than You Think

  • Brave replaced some URLs typed in the browser with affiliate links due to a setting that used to be enabled by default.
  • The setting provides no indication that it has anything to do with affiliate links.

AVA Launches Final Testnet, Prepares The Stage For Mainnet Launch

  • The "Denali" testnet comes with a rewards program of 2 million AVA tokens, with chances to participate up until June 15.
  • The mainnet launch is set for the summer of this year, though no specific date has yet been given.

This Blog Post By Gavin Andresen Pinpoints Everything Wrong With The Crypto Market

  • IOTA's operations came to a halt back in mid-February due to a hack.
  • Looking at the market cap chart, you wouldn't ever think there was any issues.

Follow This One Rule To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Scammers' revenue has grown from "just" $400 million in 2017 to more than $4 billion in 2019.
  • Following this one rule will help you identify the overwhelming majority of crypto schemes that many are still falling prey to.

We Asked 21 Professionals Which Crypto Exchanges They Use & Why. Here’s What They Told Us.

  • Top picks include Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.
  • The most mentioned reason for using a particular crypto exchange was strong focus on security.

“Cars Are Just The Beginning”: An Interview With Gapless CEO Jan Karnath

  • More than 50,000 cars and 500,000 events have already been registered on the app.
  • The long-term vision for the company includes turning it into the "go-to platform for all things you love", including motorcycles, watches, and art.

Derivatives & Spot Exchange FTX Joins Coinbase Custody International

  • The native $FTT exchange token will be securely stored on Coinbase Custody.
  • FTX is the largest crypto derivativesexchange to-date to join Coinbase's custody solution.

Harmony Becomes 1st Sharded PoS Blockchain

  • With 4 shards and a proprietary Effective Proof-of-Stake algorithm, Harmony has laid the foundation upon which developers can build.
  • The project's goals for 2020 include sub-8 second settlement times and transitioning to community governance.

Delegated Proof of Stake Explained in Simple Terms

  • DPoS is a form of PoS that limits the number of block producers.
  • Block producers are elected through a voting process, where the public uses tokens to stake their votes on delegates they believe in.