Vitalik Buterin Discloses Cryptocurrency Portfolio

People who follow cryptocurrency closely will probably not be surprised that many crypto project leaders have diverse coin portfolios. In a recent AMA on reddit, Vitalik Buterin disclosed his own coin holdings.

Neither his tokens of ICO-funded startups nor the actual coins in his portfolio are worth more than 10% of his Ethereum stack. The coins are as follows:

In addition he disclosed his Ethereum-based token holdings – Kyber network, Augur, OmiseGo and Maker. Having praised all of them in the past, none of these comes a surprise – especially given that his support for OMG and KNC has been heavily utilised by the team’s respective marketing strategists.


The only news is Vitalik’s clarification that all of them combined are worth less than 10% of his Ethereum stack, currently worth around $50,000,000.

Ethereum 2.0 researcher Justin Drake chimed in, claiming:

“99% of token value in ETH … Leverage long ETH using ETH as collateral (MakerDAO) … Close to zero fiat … Not associated with any blockchain project other than Ethereum.”

Appsec consultant and Ethereum developer Martin Swende also disclosed his similarly Ethereum-heavy holdings:

“95-99% of crypto holdings in ETH, rest is ZEC, BTC, SIA + some eth-tokens… Advisor in zero projects, zero speaking fees, zero grants received, etc.”

So in contrast to Vitalik’s previous statements regarding the inflated value of cryptocurrencies in general, many Ethereum developers are heavily bullish on price in addition to being optimistic about technological advancements. Their dedication to the project is also difficult to question.