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6-Figure Influential Bitcoin Trader Forecasts a Continued BTC Price Slump

  • Zoran Kole, a highly respected crypto trader, states that the bottom of the pit is yet to be seen.
  • The effects of Bakkt's launch on the digital assets market are yet to match the hype that was mounting during the project's development.

Proof of Work Explained in Simple Terms

  • Proof of work is the consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.
  • We explain exactly how it works with simple examples anyone can understand.

Researchers Describe Bitcoin Attack That Could Halt Lightning Payments

  • According to the paper by Schmid, Tochner and Zohar, a DoS attack might be carried out easily once the network is used heavily.
  • Of course, this attack is still conceptual and by the time it is achievable there should be a way to stop it.

Opera Browser First to Add Direct Bitcoin Payments

  • Users can now track their remaining BTC and TRX directly from the Android version of the Opera Browser.
  • They are also able to interact with dapps on the TRON blockchain, as well as make purchases with BTC.

Can the Next Bitcoin Halving Push Small-Scale Miners Out of Business?

  • The uptrends during the previous two halvings do not guarantee that the same thing will happen again.
  • After rewards get reduced, the popular mining machines of today would not be able to turn a profit for their operators.

Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF Proposal Rejected by the SEC

  • The reason behind the rejection was that NYSE Arca did not meet the requirements to prevent market manipulation and other illicit activities.
  • Currently, there is only one ETF proposal awaiting decision from the SEC, but things do not look good as it was again filed by NYSE Arca.

2020 is Expected to be a Decisive Year for Proof-of-Stake

  • The PoS of Cardano will bring many improvements in comparison to current blockchain systems, such as better scalability, sustainability and advanced security.
  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, is excited about the next development phase called “Shelley”, stating we will have 100x more people using Cardano than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Head of Crypto Escrow Service Charged With $7 Million Bitcoin Fraud

  • Jon Barry Thompson has been accused of committing two counts of wire and commodities fraud offenses by the U.S. Attorney's Office.
  • Thompson also faces civil charges by the CFTC for "knowingly or recklessly making false representations to customers".

Iranian Bitcoin Miners Constantly in Fear of Huge Fines and Even Jail Time

  • Some of the prosecuted bitcoin miners were punished with fines that are much bigger than their annual salary.
  • The electricity problem comes from the fact that the state-controlled prices differ depending on the use-cases and a crypto mining case does not exist yet.

Lightning Network Developer Discloses a Dangerous Vulnerability, Now Fixed

  • The vulnerability could allow for an attacker to pretend to open a payment channel and then send fake transactions.
  • Originally discovered in June, the vulnerability has now been fixed by upgrading all major lightning software clients.