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The Winner Of This Ethereum Reddit Competition Will Receive 25,000 Dai

  • The award was announced after criticism from the Reddit community.
  • Developers will be able to share their demos by July 31, 2020.

Ampleforth Launches New Liquidity Program

  • Through the new "Geyser" program, users will be able to earn rewards by staking their AMPL tokens.
  • Rewards will be based on the amount of liquidity provided and the duration the user’s tokens are available.

Bitcoin To Ethereum Bridge Shuts Down 2 Days After Launch

  • The tBTC project will have all its deposits paused for the next 10 days, because of a yet-undisclosed bug.
  • The team behind the project is currently busy with "helping users drain funds", full post-mortem expected in time.

Reddit Introduces New Blockchain-Based Community Points

  • Users will be able to earn ERC-20 tokens for creating quality content.
  • Reddit and its moderators will have no way to take points away from users, as community members will exercise full control over them.

First U.S. Ethereum Futures Contracts Launched By ErisX

  • The first physically-settled futures contracts for the 2nd largest crypto by market cap will be regulated by the CFTC.
  • The new offer came only days after the exchange obtained the lucrative New York virtual currency license.

We Asked 10 Professionals What Their Opinion Of Cryptocurrency Is. Here’s What They Told Us.

  • While a very small sample, opinions still differed quite a lot.
  • Speculation, volatility, and illegal activity were common concerns, while convenience and digitization were notable pros.

Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS Now Available on Binance Lending

  • The option to supply any of the three cryptocurrencies is already available for users of the exchange.
  • Users are limited to supplying at most 1 million units of any single crypto asset, which in the case of Bitcoin Cash makes up more than 5% of the circulating supply.

Unibright, Chainlink, Anyblock Analytics Form EMINENT Task Force

  • The goal will be to produce open-source standards that will make it easy for enterprises to integrate with the Ethereum mainnet.
  • The task force expects to be done within 18 - 24 months, though intermediate updates will be released to the public.

MetaMask Back on Google Play After 1 Week Ban

  • Google originally suspended the browser extension for breaching its policy against apps that mine cryptocurrency on mobile devices.
  • On 1 January the tech giant decided to reverse the ban and return the mobile app back on Google Play.

EY Announce New ZKP Blockchain Technology for Ethereum

  • The new technology will vastly reduce costs as it will allow up to 20 transfers in a single transaction.
  • According to Paul Brody this iteration of the technology is a serious milestone in the migration from public to private blockchains.