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Unibright, Chainlink, Anyblock Analytics Form EMINENT Task Force

  • The goal will be to produce open-source standards that will make it easy for enterprises to integrate with the Ethereum mainnet.
  • The task force expects to be done within 18 - 24 months, though intermediate updates will be released to the public.

MetaMask Back on Google Play After 1 Week Ban

  • Google originally suspended the browser extension for breaching its policy against apps that mine cryptocurrency on mobile devices.
  • On 1 January the tech giant decided to reverse the ban and return the mobile app back on Google Play.

EY Announce New ZKP Blockchain Technology for Ethereum

  • The new technology will vastly reduce costs as it will allow up to 20 transfers in a single transaction.
  • According to Paul Brody this iteration of the technology is a serious milestone in the migration from public to private blockchains.

Coinfloor to Delist Ethereum, Concentrate Entirely on Bitcoin in 2020

  • A decisive factor was the big uncertainties around the future of the ETH chain after the launch of ethereum 2.0.
  • According to the Coinfloor founder and CEO, ethereum transactions represent a minor part of their trading volume as a whole.

Singapore’s Approved Exchanges May Soon Offer BTC, ETH Derivatives Trading

  • The MAS wants to allow derivatives based on BTC and ETH to be tradeable on approved exchanges.
  • Global BTC derivatives traded daily volume reaches $5-10 billion, which is 10 to 18 times higher that spot trading volume.

Zcash Fancies Entering Ethereum’s DeFi Ecosystem

  • During last week’s Devcon in Osaka, interest towards projects that want to enter Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem grew.
  • Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin noted that privacy options are still valued by the Ethereum community.

UNICEF Launched a Crypto Fund to Support Open Source Technology

  • This makes UNICEF the first U.N. organization that can now receive and distribute Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) donations.
  • The Ethereum Foundation was the first organization to contribute to the newly established fund.

2020 is Expected to be a Decisive Year for Proof-of-Stake

  • The PoS of Cardano will bring many improvements in comparison to current blockchain systems, such as better scalability, sustainability and advanced security.
  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, is excited about the next development phase called “Shelley”, stating we will have 100x more people using Cardano than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

$17.1 Million Raised for Skale Network’s Mainnet Launch

  • The Ethereum-compatible blockchain scalability platform now has over 40 investors from the U.S., European Union, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The newly raised funds will be used to expand the 20-man engineering team, improve security, and stabilize the network.

Testnet Split Caused by Ethereum’s Istanbul Early Arrival

  • The update came in 2 days earlier, causing a split of the Ropsten testnet.
  • There shouldn't be any problems when the update is activated on the main Ethereum network, Hudson Jameson, community manager of the Ethereum Foundation, explained.