Understanding The Nuances of Provably Fair Crypto Games In 2023 

  • Thanks to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and technologies such as blockchain, gambling enthusiasts now have access to a new breed of games: provably fair crypto games.
  • Such games leverage blockchain technology and use encryption standards to reassure users that their chances of winning are accurately determined without outside influence.
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If the crypto gambling industry is thriving in 2023, it is thanks to the new technologies introduced to make each game safer and more exciting for players. In particular, tools such as blockchain infrastructure and the debut of cryptocurrency in the gaming industry have helped make online gambling fairer and more secure for users. 

But it was only with the recent introduction of provably fair games that players could finally take security and transparency into their own hands and make informed decisions. In this guide, we’ll share what you need to know about evaluating the fairness of a crypto game and the benefits of choosing a provably fair game.

What You Need To Know About Provably Fair Crypto Games

Thanks to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and technologies such as blockchain, gambling enthusiasts have access to a new breed of games: provably fair crypto games. 

These games leverage blockchain technology and use encryption standards to reassure users that their winnings – and their chances of winning – are accurately determined without any outside influence or manipulation. 

Provably fair technologies leverage algorithms with three variables to ensure that results are randomized. These variables are:

  • Server seed – the variable given by the gambling site. This server seed cannot be changed by the operator once it is sent to the client.
  • Client seed – the variable given by the player’s server, which can be calibrated by the player.
  • Cryptographic nonce – a number that tracks each hand played and increases with every bet.

The first two seeds interact with one another, and the online casino’s algorithm uses these numbers and the nonce to generate randomized actions. 

What sets provably fair games aside from other casino games is that they offer clients the tools needed to manually verify the fairness of a game after it has been played.

Provably Fair Cryptogames In 2023: Provably Fair Protocols in Action

Provably fair protocols are a unique selling point that truly set reliable crypto games apart from the rest. In the eyes of players, the added layer of security and transparency can make these games preferable over most other options. 

What’s more, just like in the case of other casino games, probably fair casino games offer welcome bonuses, free spins, VIP programs, and promotions. They also accept many of the major cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 

Let’s look at how these protocols work for the most popular casino games. 


A provably fair crypto Blackjack game will use cryptographic hash functions created by the client’s server and the gaming platform that interact with each other to generate randomized actions. The two hash functions also process and deliver encrypted data, meaning that neither the client nor the gaming platform will be able to visualize and manipulate the results. 

In the case of Blackjack, the hashing protocol prevents the dealer from pre-determining the cards that will be drawn, which can compromise the user’s chances of winning. 


The betting and gaming industries have been transformed by the debut of crypto, which has given the chance to players to earn while playing and secure their financial information. However, not all crypto games are created equal, and slot scams are still a risk for most players. 

By choosing a casino that uses provably fair technologies, players can ensure that the numbers assigned to each slot designation are truly randomized. Users can also test the fairness of the game they have just played to ensure that it has not been manipulated.

Roulette and Dice

To give a fair chance to users to win without running into scams, roulette, and dice games now use provable fairness protocols. These algorithms can randomly choose numbers or decide where the wheel will stop in Roulette’s games by creating hashes, which are a set of encrypted numbers and letters revealed at the end of each hand.

Benefits of Provably Fair Protocols

Provably fair protocols offer a wide range of benefits to players and game developers alike. These include:

  • Increased Return to Player ratio
  • Increased sense of security for players, which can generate loyalty towards a certain casino
  • The fairness of each game is easily verifiable by the player
  • Increased transparency throughout each stage of gaming
  • Reduced need for the services of third-party authentication bodies or applications
  • Transactions are publicly available and immutable thanks to the use of underlying blockchain infrastructures.

Provably Fair Gambling: Key Considerations

By eliminating the need for third-party authenticators, provably fair gambling sites can safeguard users from common cryptocurrency scams, such as man-in-the-middle attacks. Nonetheless, users should spend time researching and comparing the different online casinos to find the safest and most reliable one for their needs. 

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