Just 3 days after the previous bull run, the crypto market has once again roared, ending an already strong January with the fourth bullish trend of the month.

In this Thursday frenzy, Litecoin led the way as other top cryptocurrencies also shone in green. At press time, LTC has jumped 13%, climbing to $68. EOS and Ethereum are following closely, with 8% and 4.5% growth respectively.

No specific news seem to have unleashed the uptrend, though good news such as Andrew Yang talking about his standpoint on crypto regulation, new crypto-asset index launching in Japan, and Coinbase Custody advancements characterized the day.


The quick bull run seems to have settled down for the time being, with all major digital assets seemingly taking new strong positions of resistance.

Key takeaways

As the day comes to an end, here’s a few key takeaways from today’s crypto market performance:

  • Litecoin was the strongest performer from the top 10 cryptocurrencies.
  • EOS was second and Ethereum third.
  • Out of the top 100, KickToken has jumped the most – around 45%.
  • Bitcoin is closing in on a key psychological $10,000 price.
  • The last time Bitcoin was at this price was 3 months ago. It has not been above $10,000 since September, 2019.
  • Similar to BTC, Litecoin hasn’t seen this high a price since September, 2019. It was last over a key $100 in July, 2019.
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