Andrew Yang speaks in a craft brewery
Andrew Yang speaks in a craft brewery during the New Hampshire presidential primary in Manchester, N.H. on January 8, 2020. Andrew Cline/Shutterstock

Andrew Yang is the only democratic presidential candidate who accepts donations to his campaign in cryptocurrency. While other candidates competing in the democratic primaries have barely touched on crypto, Yang has been one of the few to talk more clearly and objectively about digital assets.

In a January 29 interview with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, Andrew was asked about his standpoint on cryptocurrency regulation and whether or not he supports people taking money out of traditional financial markets and investing them in cryptocurrency.

Andrew Yang on Universal Basic Income, Cryptocurrency, Coronavirus

His answer was very clear -- we need a “uniform set of rules and regulations around cryptocurrency use”. The current uncertainty surrounding the use of digital assets is getting in the way of innovation in the sector, with each state dealing with crypto activity in their own way, Yang said.


Andrew also mentioned that the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies has “very very high potential” and that he thinks that the United States should be investing in it.

He is not wrong. While the U.S. is busy stifling the digital assets market with ambiguity, China is advancing fast towards its own vision of a national cryptocurrency.

Yang was also asked directly if he supports the movement of capital into the crypto market, seeing as major institutions in the country make it very hard for people to interact with digital asset platforms.

He responded:

“Right now, people who are investing in these currencies are finding a way to do so and make use of their investments. I don’t think that you could impede it with regulation if you tried.”

With the Iowa caucuses set for February 3, we hope that some of the other presidential candidates will mention, at least, digital assets and their plans for the sector.

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