A Rusty Padlock

Seemingly out of nowhere, users of cryptocurrency exchange Voltaire received a sad notice today – the service is shutting down. Information is scarce for the time being, but considering the low trading volume on the exchange, this shut down is at least somewhat expected.

The Bitcoin Cash-focused exchange had a short-lived stint, having launched in late September, 2018. Throughout its existence it failed to distinguish itself from the rest of the companies in the extremely saturated cryptocurrency exchange niche.

Its main selling point – the use of BCH as the base for its trading pairs – had already been successfully utilised by ViaBTC-backed exchange CoinEx, with support for a significantly larger set of cryptocurrencies. Even the internal problems of Voltaire’s Chinese competitors were not enough for them to attract new users.


The good news is that unlike many similar exchange shutdowns, there doesn’t appear to be a hacking of a theft involved. The announcement email reads:

“This closure does not effect your account or contract with us. Outstanding balances may be redeemed by contacting [email protected] up to 30 days from this notice.”

In addition, the website will be live for another week, during which funds can be withdrawn directly from the web app.

As Voltaire joins Liqui in shutting down in a solvent state, we are still interested in the official explanation by the team. While none has been provided yet, users were promised a full blog, which will be shared on Twitter and Telegram.