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Protofire has become the latest blockchain company to receive a grant as part of the Chainlink Community Grant Program, Chainlink said in a blog post on 6 November.

According to the announcement, Protofire was chosen as a recipient of the grant thanks in part to their contribution to the development of other projects and blockchain ecosystems, including Maker, 0x, Tezos, Gnosis, Kyber Network and others. The firm will use the grant for a native integration of Chainlink’s oracle technology into xDai Chain, an Ethereum-based stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. The CEO of Protofire, Manuel García, said in a statement:

“As a highly experienced dev shop that’s intimately familiar with xDai Chain, we’re confident we can create a seamless integration experience for Chainlink ecosystem projects that want the benefits of xDai’s scalability, yet want to retain the security and reliability guarantees that Chainlink provides.”


Being both a validator and core developer of the xDai technology stack also made Protofire an excellent candidate for the grant. As part of the integration, Protofire will have to work on validating and adapting Chainlink’s contracts in order to ensure their compatibility with xDai. The firm will also have to ensure that the LINK token is bridged to the blockchain, and create a monitoring solution for the integration.

Through its grants program, Chainlink is attempting to accelerate the development of “universally connected” smart contracts and secure oracle networks. Back in August, one of the leading Chainlink node service operators, LinkPool, became the first recipient of the Chainlink Grant Program. The funds were used for the improvement of Chainlink Market, with LinkPool taking up the task of giving more power to contract creators, and expanding the platform as to allow other service providers to offer their own products.

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