Chainlink meetup in the Corinthia hotel
Chainlink meetup in the Corinthia hotel at devcon4 in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 31, 2018. Edward A. Thomson

On August 7, Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network providing real-world data to blockchain, announced the first recipient of the Chainlink Grant Program. LinkPool, one of the leading Chainlink node service operators, is the organization that has been chosen, and will use the allocated resources to develop new features for the network and contribute to Chainlink’s growth.

According to the announcement, LinkPool’s team will work towards the improvement of Chainlink Market by enabling smart contract developers to access and monitor Chainlink Network from multiple independent resources. The market provides smart contract developers with an easy method of finding, filtering, verifying, and selecting high quality Chainlink node operators and services based on a variety of different parameters. This way, they can access information and participate in building with the network more easily.

The Chainlink Market has become the most important resource for security reviewed nodes participating in Chainlink’s Price Reference Data Contracts to list themselves in a publicly accessible manner, separate from feeds pages or other Chainlink resources. It allows DeFi developers to gain further insight into the node operators servicing their dapps and allows numerous community nodes to service various job requests.


According to Chainlink, the market serves a core function in the network’s ecosystem and deserves to be funded for the addition of new innovative features developed through the Community Grant Program.

“I’m thrilled that LinkPool has been selected as a recipient of the Chainlink Community Grant Program in order to further develop the Chainlink Market,” said Jonny Huxtable, LinkPool Co-founder. “Over the past two and a half years, we’ve grown from what was a small hobbyist project to one of the leading providers of tools and services within the Chainlink ecosystem. This grant will allow us to expand the feature set of the Chainlink Market and improve the Chainlink Ecosystem as a whole, including exciting new tools to easily deploy Chainlink powered smart contracts.”

Some of the expected improvements include giving more power to contract creators to enable them to easily deploy new Chainlink oracle networks via an intuitive UI while allowing them to easily select and compare the exact nodes and data sources that would best suit their specific use case. Moreover, the developers will aim to expand the platform to allow other service providers and node operators to offer their own products directly through Chainlink Market, using a Chainlink-powered smart contract payment system.

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