Italian Banks Adopt R3’s Corda Blockchain To Improve Interbank Data Transfers

  • According to the Italian Banking Association, a total of 55 banks have been onboarded on the Corda-based blockchain platform.
  • As the Interbank Agreement was updated last year, more lenders are expected to integrate the standard by October.

Bank Of Japan Forms New CBDC Research Team

  • The new team will take over from a previous research group, and will likely follow up on the bank's 2019 research into CBDCs.
  • Japan's central bank also stated that, although it has no plans to release a CBDC soon, that could change in the future.

Thailand Testing CBDC With Large Businesses

  • The Bank of Thailand has reportedly already used its CBDC for financial transactions with some businesses.
  • The country's central bank is also planing to roll out the CBDC for transactions with Hong Kong's central bank in September.

China’s Digital Yuan Is Progressing Phenomenally Fast

  • Meituan Dianping's food delivery platform is now the third Tencent-backed company to become an early-stage tester of China's digital yuan.
  • Ride-hailing application DiDi, and video streaming platform Bilibili are also among the firms to test China's CBDC.

Santander Adds New Regions To Payments App In Collaboration With Ripple

  • Built by Santander and Ripple, the One Pay FX international payments app is now available in 19 additional regions.
  • The bank also enhanced its Ripple-powered payments system to allow instant transactions.

Sri Lanka’s Central Bank Shortlists Candidates For Blockchain KYC Platform

  • The three shortlisted companies are expected to finish developing their PoC's in the next six to nine months.
  • Since its announcement in November 2019, the project has received 36 applications in total.

Innovative System Facilitates Completely New Types Of Money-Based Applications

  • Everybody with a smartphone can use Public Mint, even if they do not have a bank account.
  • Public Mint operates as a fiat blockchain layer on top of a network banks.

Bank of France 1st To Successfully Test Digital Euro

  • The Banque de France's first successful test with digital euro was carried out in collaboration with investment bank Societe Generale.
  • Though the bank did not reveal much, the test indicates that the pilot program is focusing more on the wholesale use of CBDC.

TPBank To Provide Transparent Transactions Between Vietnam & The World Using RippleNet

  • Via the new remittance services a transaction between two countries can be settled in minutes.
  • Using RippleNet, TPBank plans to open new cross-border transaction corridors and eventually grow their operations into other countries.

CipherTrace Unveils New Crypto Tracing Tool For Banks

  • Unlike other products from the company, and its competitors, CipherTrace Armada has been designed to work off-chain.
  • It has been designed to "plug into" existing bank transaction monitoring systems, and help with risky cryptocurrency blind spots.