J.P. Morgan DLT Spinoff Kadena Launches First Hybrid Blockchain

  • Called the "industry’s first hybrid blockchain platform", Kadena allows for the connection of a public chain with a private network.
  • In order to support interoperability Kadena uses its own smart contract programming language called Pact.

Top-Level Design, Joint Tests of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Completed

  • The news comes from the bank's "Inventorying the Bank's 2019 FinTech" paper, which was published recently.
  • The bank now plans to focus on improving the cybersecurity of the financial industry network.

OneConnect Grants 1st Blockchain-Based Unsecured Loan in China

  • The new financing platform is backed by OneConnect, which recently got listed on the NYSE.
  • The platform works with data coming from 26 government institutions, using it to evaluate risk for more than 11 million companies.

R3’s Marco Polo Completes Largest Trade Finance Trial

  • The blockchain-based trade finance consortium claims to have completed more than 700 funding requests.
  • 100% of participants in a survey, which was part of the trial, claimed that blockchain-based trade finance can reduce costs for both banks and corporates.

China’s Central Bank to Run Real-World Trial of Its Digital Currency

  • The People's Bank of China will start trials of its digital currency in Shenzhen and Suzhou.
  • Beginning at the end of 2019, the trials will see participation from China's four largest banks, and three of its telecoms.

SoftBank Reveals New Blockchain Wallet Card

  • SoftBank's new SBC Wallet Card can be used as a basic debit card and as a way to store cryptocurrency thanks to its built-in blockchain wallet.
  • Managed through a special application, the card can be used both for hot and cold digital currency storage.

Visa R&D Working on Blockchain Solution for Financial Data Aggregators

  • The new system aims to innovate the way banks transfer customer data to finance apps such as Mint and Credit Karma.
  • The name of the new platform is LucidiTEE and it will provide blockchain-based tools for privacy and security.

Singapore’s Central Bank and J.P. Morgan Unveil Payments System

  • The new prototype platform was developed to enable payments denominated in different currencies.
  • Over 40 financial and non-financial companies have been tasked with the job of ascertaining the commercial viability and the network’s potential benefits.

Bank of Korea Director: No Need for CBDCs in Developed Countries

  • The payment system in Korea is very developed, safe and sending money is not that expensive.
  • Still, the Bank of Korea will continue to monitor the development of CBDCs amid their concern that such currencies may destabilize commercial banks.

Swiss Central Bank to Research CBDCs

  • The Swiss National Bank will work together with the SIX Digital Exchange to explore how CBDC's can be integrated into a DLT platform.
  • DLT-based tokenized assets and CBDC's could stimulate new financial innovations, as well as reduce counterparty risk.