The National Stock Exchange of Australia to Build New DLT Platform

  • The new platform will be a joint venture between the owner of the NSE of Australia, NSX Limited, and iSignthis.
  • Called ClearPay, the platform will compete with the Australian Securities Exchange, and offer same-day delivery versus payment (DVP) settlement.

Sweden to Begin One Year Tests of its CBDC

  • Participants in the pilot project will hold their e-krona's in a digital wallet, and make payments, deposits and withdrawals through a mobile app.
  • The bank has also said that if the e-krona is ever released to the public it would not replace cash, but complement it.

U.S. Federal Reserve Now Open To The Idea Of CBDC, Researches DLT

  • The U.S. Federal Reserve has followed the example of 80% of the world's central banks, and started researching the potential use cases o DLT.
  • The sudden change in stance is probably due to concerns over privately issued digital currencies.

TokenSoft Introduces Self-Managed Investment Accounts Platform for Security Tokens

  • The new platform will be very convenient to use and will also provide compliant security token standards.
  • With time all TokenSoft customers' security tokens will be supported with preference to issuer/investor demands.

Julius Baer Launches Crypto Storage, Investment Offerings

  • The new digital assets offering comes thanks to a partnership between Julius Baer and SEBA Crypto AG.
  • The bank now provides secure storage and transaction solutions, as well as consolidated portfolio overviews across both conventional and digital assets.

Bank of Santander Confident in Blockchain Development

  • In the end of 2019 Santander issued a bond for 20 million euros on the Ethereum blockchain as a pilot test.
  • Although technology is physically ready, bank representatives agree that they need more time to create a profitable business model based on it.

6 Central Banks Join Hands in CBDC Research

  • Members of the new research group are the central banks of Canada, England, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the ECB and the BIS.
  • The goal of the new working group is to share each group member's experience, and to also study the potential use cases for CBDCs.

J.P. Morgan DLT Spinoff Kadena Launches First Hybrid Blockchain

  • Called the "industry‚Äôs first hybrid blockchain platform", Kadena allows for the connection of a public chain with a private network.
  • In order to support interoperability Kadena uses its own smart contract programming language called Pact.

Top-Level Design, Joint Tests of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Completed

  • The news comes from the bank's "Inventorying the Bank's 2019 FinTech" paper, which was published recently.
  • The bank now plans to focus on improving the cybersecurity of the financial industry network.

OneConnect Grants 1st Blockchain-Based Unsecured Loan in China

  • The new financing platform is backed by OneConnect, which recently got listed on the NYSE.
  • The platform works with data coming from 26 government institutions, using it to evaluate risk for more than 11 million companies.