Korea’s Central Bank Looking For Partner to Build CBDC Pilot

  • The Bank of Korea has launched a bidding process to choose a tech partner for studying the practicalities of launching a CBDC.
  • Expected to run between August and December, the pilot will include simulations for commercial banks and retail outlets, fund transfers, deposits, and mobile payment tests.

J.P. Morgan, DBS Bank to Work on Blockchain-Based Payments Platform

  • The new company, called Partior, will use blockchain and digitised commercial bank money to disrupt the traditional payments model.
  • Partior will also be designed to complement ongoing Central Bank Digital Currencies initiatives and use cases.

GMO Trust Selects Zero Hash For Yen-Backed Stablecoin Settlement

  • Zero Hash's settlement network will now support GMO Trust's dollar and yen backed stablecoins, GYEN and ZUSD.
  • The partnership aims to eliminate the typical bottlenecks for cross-border JPY transfers and settlements.

ECB Releases Results From CBDC Public Consultation

  • The European Central Bank received over 8,200 responses on its digital euro public consultation, 94% of which were from private citizens.
  • The top priority for 43% of citizens and professionals who responded was for their payments to remain private.

South Korea’s Shinhan Bank Joins Hedera Governing Council

  • The South Korean bank has been providing DLT-based services, such as policy loans, pension funds, and interest rate swap deals, since 2017.
  • Other members of Hedera's governing council include organizations such as Google, IBM, LG Electronics and Tata Communications.

EIB to Issue Bonds Using Blockchain Technology

  • The European Investment Bank has hired Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander and Société Générale to look into bonds issued on a blockchain.
  • An initial investor meeting is reportedly set to start on 15 April.

Bank of Thailand to Test Retail CBDC in Q2 2022

  • Both the public and private sectors have until 15 June to submit their feedback regarding the bank's plans to issue a retail digital baht.
  • While the first tests of the CBDC have been scheduled for Q2 2022, the bank could fully implement the retail digital currency in the next three to five years.

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Launches CBDC

  • After two years in the making, DCash has finally been released to four of the eight states in the Easter Caribbean Currency Union.
  • The CBDC transactions will be stored on a blockchain, while any personally identifiable information will be kept by the financial institutions.

China Proposes Global Rules For CBDCs, Expands Digital Yuan Trials

  • A representative of the PBoC has proposed synchronizing CBDC fund flows around the world, as to assist regulators in monitoring the transactions for compliance.
  • Chinese citizens can now apply for a digital yuan wallet with one of the six state owned banks in Shanghai and Beijing.

Germany Moving Away From CBDC, Creates Bridge Between Blockchain & Euro

  • Deutsche Bundesbank has tested a new blockchain-based system that allows investors to buy and sell securities on the blockchain with Euro.
  • The bank has claimed the technology can be scaled up to the entire Euro zone in a much shorter time than creating a digital euro.