Unibright & Concircle Partner To Improve Unibright Connector Workflows

  • Unibright Connector already has a "tailor made derivation" of Concircle's workflow solution — con­FLOW.
  • The partnership came about thanks to the companies mutual work on Baseline-related projects throughout 2020.
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  • Unibright Connector already has a "tailor made derivation" of Concircle's workflow solution — con­FLOW.
  • The partnership came about thanks to the companies mutual work on Baseline-related projects throughout 2020.
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OneConnect To Provide Blockchain Infrastructure For Two Major China Ports

  • The new platform is expected to reduce cost transportation and customs declaration costs by 30%, while integrating a lot of new smart features.
  • OneConnect will ensure that logistics data cannot be traced, reducing risks of third-party intrusions.
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Chainlink Funds IRISnet To Integrate Oracle Technology Into China’s BSN

  • IRISnet will provide the required technology for the integration through its consortium blockchain product IRITA.
  • The company will also be responsible for the deployment and monitoring of all components to China's Blockchain Services Network.
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Vietnam To Store Education Records On TomoChain

  • Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training wishes to create a transparent and immutable record of its student certifications through blockchain technology.
  • The "National Qualifications Archive" initiative will be implemented for the 2020-2021 school year.


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Avalanche Announces First Major Upgrade, Unveils New Features

  • The novel changes include verifiable pruning, a new type of freezable asset, and ERC-20 support for native assets.
  • In the future, Ava Labs will also implement a governance feature and many new transaction functionalities to improve scalability.
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Deutsche Bank Urges Europe To Accelerate CBDC Development

  • In a new report, the research arm of the bank stated that the recent COVID-19 outbreak only accelerated the adoption of digital currencies around the world.
  • It has also urged Europe to accelerate its CBDC development efforts, otherwise there is a risk companies will adopt other digital currencies, such as China's digital yuan.
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China Construction Bank To Issue $3 Billion In Bonds On Blockchain

  • Blockchain will make stocks and bonds more accessible to retail investors by lowering costs associated with this type of investment.
  • Certificates will yield around 0.75% at maturity, which is much higher than the average 0.25% interest rate.
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TOMIA Partners With Clear To Create Blockchain-Based Telecommunications Solution

  • TOMIA is currently upgrading its management and settlement applications to fit the market needs of its partners.
  • Moreover, both companies will collaborate on a new blockchain-based solution, which will enhance their current service offerings.
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IBM’s Blockchain-Based Food Trust Olive Oil Supply Chain Is Growing

  • Spanish olive oil producer Conde de Benalua and Argentinian olive oil supplier Rolar de Cuyo are the latest companies to join IBM's Food Trust network.
  • IBM has claimed that 73% of consumers are ready to pay premium for products that are transparent about their production.
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Lebanon To Launch CBDC In 2021

  • The governor of Lebanon's central bank has said that a CBDC can help the country move to a "cashless system", stimulating the flow of money both locally and abroad.
  • The bank is hoping that the new CBDC will help restore confidence in Lebanon's shaky banking sector.
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Automation Platform PARSIQ Integrates Chainlink Price Oracles

  • PARSIQ is a "Reverse Oracle" platform that extracts data on the blockchain and delivers it to off-chain applications.
  • The new partnership will enable PARSIQ clients to build automated workflows using data provided by Chainlink.
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Bitmain Introduces New Rack-Style Mining Rig

  • The rig is said to significantly reduce the risk of machine depreciation while "maximizing the effective mining time".
  • Thanks to its hot-swappable modularized configuration, upgrades can be completed without the need of turning the machine off.
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Banco Santander Reveals Blockchain Identity Project

  • The group of 10 Spanish companies known as Dalion, including Santander, has already completed the proof-of-concept trial of its new ID solution.
  • The group expects to complete phase 2 of the development in the next six months, and have the solution ready for a live production environment by May 2021.
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Australia’s Central Bank Partners With ConsenSys On CBDC Research Project

  • The partnership, that also includes top Australian banks, will focus on the development of a Proof-of-Concept for the issuance of a wholesale "tokenized form of CBDC".
  • The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and a report on its findings published sometime in 2021.