Sri Lanka’s Central Bank Shortlists Candidates For Blockchain KYC Platform

  • The three shortlisted companies are expected to finish developing their PoC's in the next six to nine months.
  • Since its announcement in November 2019, the project has received 36 applications in total.
Photo by Sri Lanka Mirror

  • The three shortlisted companies are expected to finish developing their PoC's in the next six to nine months.
  • Since its announcement in November 2019, the project has received 36 applications in total.
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Innovative System Facilitates Completely New Types Of Money-Based Applications

  • Everybody with a smartphone can use Public Mint, even if they do not have a bank account.
  • Public Mint operates as a fiat blockchain layer on top of a network banks.
Stuart Popejoy, Kadena Co-Founder and President. Kadena

Kadena Lists KDA Token On Bittrex Global, Launches COVID-19 App

  • Kadеna’s KDA token can now be publicly traded on Bittrex Global.
  • The company also launched a COVID-19 dapp and announced the scaling of their layer-1 PoW network from 10 to 20 chains.

New Educational Platform Launched By Indian Crypto Exchange

  • CoinDCX's learning platform will use infographics, tutorial videos, and other content about blockchain and crypto.
  • The platform will focus on topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, trading, economics and security.

IBM To Work On DLT-Based E-Pension System For Teachers In Bangladesh

  • The tech giant will work on a DLT-based pension system, which will ensure the safety of personal information.
  • This is just the latest project in Bangladesh that IBM will be working on.

Bank of France 1st To Successfully Test Digital Euro

  • The Banque de France's first successful test with digital euro was carried out in collaboration with investment bank Societe Generale.
  • Though the bank did not reveal much, the test indicates that the pilot program is focusing more on the wholesale use of CBDC.

Uniswap V2 Mainnet Launch Brings New Features, Improved Security

  • Some of the features include the addition of an oracle service and flash loans.
  • The key limitation of the initial version - running all token trades through ETH - is now in the past.

Republican Party of Arizona Employs Mobile Voting Using Blockchain-Based Election App

  • More than 1,100 people voted through Voatz during the party convention on May 9.
  • With over 60 elections completed since 2016, Voatz is promoting safe alternatives to voting in person.

IOV Labs Introduces Light Client For The Lumino Network

  • The new Lumino Light Client surpasses the Bitcoin network with its 100 TPS.
  • The firm expects that 99% of users will access the Lumino network through the new mobile light client.

SIMBA Chain’s User-Friendly Platform Assists Portland State University Students

  • Simba Chain's SCaaS platform does not require any extensive programming skills.
  • As one of the first blockchain-related university programs, the Business Blockchain Certificate program allows its students to create and deploy Web 3.0 dapps.

TIXnGO Launches Blockchain-Based Health Certificates Platform

  • TIXnGO's blockchain technology already had much success in delivering tickets for sports events at scale.
  • The new platform can be hosted on a private or public cloud and battles any fraud attempts using unique IDs.

TPBank To Provide Transparent Transactions Between Vietnam & The World Using RippleNet

  • Via the new remittance services a transaction between two countries can be settled in minutes.
  • Using RippleNet, TPBank plans to open new cross-border transaction corridors and eventually grow their operations into other countries.

CipherTrace Unveils New Crypto Tracing Tool For Banks

  • Unlike other products from the company, and its competitors, CipherTrace Armada has been designed to work off-chain.
  • It has been designed to "plug into" existing bank transaction monitoring systems, and help with risky cryptocurrency blind spots.

World Economic Forum Publishes Blockchain Toolkit To Help Disrupted Supply Chains

  • The public toolkit is 244 pages long and is available as a PDF file and as an online service.
  • Project lead Nadia Hewett believes that the guide can solve issues that are typical in epidemics and pandemics.