Federal Reserve to Engage With Public Regarding Digital Dollar

  • Engaging the public is needed in order for the Fed to understand what a possible CBDC will be used for.
  • While the U.S. central bank is debating the need for a CBDC, other countries are getting closer to releasing their own national digital currencies.

  • Engaging the public is needed in order for the Fed to understand what a possible CBDC will be used for.
  • While the U.S. central bank is debating the need for a CBDC, other countries are getting closer to releasing their own national digital currencies.
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2 Private Banks Join China’s CBDC Trials

  • The e-wallets of MYbank and WeBank will soon be added to the PBoC's digital yuan app, with the same functionality as those from the six state-owned banks.
  • MYbank is already helping with research and development on the central bank digital currency.
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Unibright Integrates Hedera Tokenization Service

  • Integrating HTS will enable Unibright users to issue tokens on a globally distributed network.
  • Developers will be able to configure, mint, and manage tokens on Hedera without deploying a smart contract.
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The Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge is Now Live

  • Upwards of $1 million was transferred from Ethereum to Avalanche in the first four hours of the bridge being live.
  • Ethereum is currently unstable, slow and expensive, with single transactions on DeFi products reaching upwards of $700.


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China Reveals Digital Yuan Hardware Wallet

  • The new CBDC hardware wallet will reportedly support dual offline payments, without the need of internet connection.
  • The announcement came the same day the capital of China revealed it will be holding a 10 million digital yuan giveaway.
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BIS Working on Cross-Border CBDC Testing Platform

  • CBDC research and testing is high on the BIS Innovation Hub's agenda list for 2021, including a new platform for testing CBDCs.
  • The BIS also announced its new "innovation Network", which will see its 63 members share knowledge about CBDCs.
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Shenzhen Conducting a Third CBDC Lottery Trial

  • Residents of the Longhua District in Shenzhen have until 26 January to sign up for the event.
  • Unlike the previous lottery trials, China has decided to place some limitations on who can participate this time.
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Timeline of Notable Central Bank Digital Currency Events in 2020

  • Although most countries are still not certain whether CBDC is necessary, research of the technology has escalated.
  • China and its digital yuan are leading the race in terms of testing, but The Bahamas were the first country to issue a CBDC (the "Sand Dollar") beyond a pilot program.
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Banque de France Completes CBDC Pilot

  • The French central bank completed its CBDC pilot in collaboration with blockchain service provider SETL, who provided the private blockchain and CBDC stablecoin.
  • The pilot saw 2 million euros worth of simulated shares purchased and sold by investors using a CBDC.
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China Trials Digital Yuan ATMs in Shenzhen

  • Citizens of Shenzhen can now use the newly released CBDC ATMs to convert their cash and savings to and from the digital yuan.
  • The new CBDC trial comes shortly after the city of Shenzhen announced its second CBDC lottery, which distributed around $3 million worth of the digital currency to 100,000 citizens.
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HDBank First to Issue Blockchain Letters of Credit in Vietnam

  • HDBank is one of the few Vietnamese banks that can offer confirmation for L/Cs, and is the first to issue a L/C on the blockchain.
  • The bank joined the Contour open trade finance network, which focuses on digitizing the L/C process, back in May 2020.
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Telos Launches NFTs That Act Like U.S. Treasury Bonds

  • Blockchain platform Telos has announced the launch of T-Bond NFTs.
  • The product will allow projects to issue coins that are locked in NFTs until maturity.
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Shenzhen Conducting Digital Yuan Giveaway, Again

  • Winners in the lottery will have until 17 January to spend their digital yuan's at one of the 10,000 restaurants and supermarkets participating in the trial.
  • The last digital yuan giveaway, in December, saw the city of Suzhou distribute almost $3 million to 96,614 lottery winners.
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FICO Launches Risk Management & Monitoring Service for Crypto

  • FICO partnered with Bitfury Group's Crystal Blockchain to launch a new risk management service.
  • The platform will enable banks to asses and manage the risk of their clients' crypto business.