VMware Blockchain Facilitates Dell to Clean the Oceans from Plastic

  • Dell uses plastics from e-waste to create new parts for their products.
  • Using VMware's track and trace blockchain solution, users can see the recycled material's attribution, the type of plastic used, and its recovery location.
The Palo Alto campus of VMware covers 105 acres and has 17 buildings. Leonides T. Saguisag Jr./VMware

  • Dell uses plastics from e-waste to create new parts for their products.
  • Using VMware's track and trace blockchain solution, users can see the recycled material's attribution, the type of plastic used, and its recovery location.
Group of talented microbiologists wearing medical masks and white coats sitting in front of a modern computer, analyzing experimental results. Freepik

Chinese Blockchain Medical Bill Platform Processes $6 Billion

  • The e-bill platform is used by 480 medical institutions across the Zhejiang province.
  • It has reportedly sped up insurance payouts by 96 times, and cut down the insurance claims procedure from days to hours.
Black and white city skyline concept. Freepik

L3COS Blockchain Will be Officially Presented at the World Economic Forum

  • L3COS will give detailed presentations during WEF which will take place between January 21 and 24, 2020.
  • The blockchain is based on three layers that serve separate purposes under separate consensus mechanisms.
Chinese military soldiers marching. EPA-EFE

Chinese Military Could Use Blockchain Tech For Military Data

  • China's military could use blockchain to record soldiers data, such as personal information, military training, and career path.
  • The system will likely reward soldiers' performance through tokens, which according to an anonymous source, will not be used for financial incentives.

Innovative Technology to Transform Humanitarian Donations

  • The GIGA initiative aims to provide access to the internet to every school where UNICEF operates.
  • This is among the first programs to be funded through cryptocurrency, making it a lot more accessible, secure, and fast.

Brave Releases 1.0 Version of Their Innovative Browser

  • The need for private internet experience and the growing problem of data privacy has inspired the creation of the browser.
  • Brave’s browser loads much faster than its main competitors, uses less memory and data.

Singapore’s Central Bank and J.P. Morgan Unveil Payments System

  • The new prototype platform was developed to enable payments denominated in different currencies.
  • Over 40 financial and non-financial companies have been tasked with the job of ascertaining the commercial viability and the network’s potential benefits.

Coca-Cola to Use Blockchain for Supply Chain Management

  • Coca-Cola's blockchain pilot will be expanded from 2 to 70 of the manufacturers that bottle and ship nearly 160,000 bottles daily.
  • The blockchain solution was developed by German software firm SAP, and aims to improve distribution for all participants in the network.

Bank of Korea Director: No Need for CBDCs in Developed Countries

  • The payment system in Korea is very developed, safe and sending money is not that expensive.
  • Still, the Bank of Korea will continue to monitor the development of CBDCs amid their concern that such currencies may destabilize commercial banks.

China Discloses More Than 500 Enterprise Blockchain Projects

  • With President Xi Jinping’s blessing, the Chinese government is involved in many blockchain projects part of the list.
  • Some of the biggest Chinese technology and retail enterprises are competing to offer the most advanced blockchain cloud services.

Chinese Hospital Now Uses Blockchain-Enabled Invoices

  • the Guangzhou Huadu District People’s Hospital successful launched a system which issues electronic invoices for both outpatients and hospitalization.
  • The new system also protects the hospital against fraudulent invoices, as it now makes them far harder to imitate.

Accounting Enterprises Introduce Innovative Tool for Assessing Blockchain Risk

  • The innovative part of the tool is its ability to propose action towards resolving any identified risks.
  • The fact that many big accounting companies are on board shows their serious intentions towards using blockchain technology.

Greyp Partners with Blockchain Firms to Develop Automatic Payment System

  • The first focus of the new partnership will be machine-to-machine transactions.
  • The mobility startup is currently conducting an (ETO) on the Neufund financing platform.

Hyperchain’s Creator to Put China’s Power Grid on the Blockchain

  • Qulian Technology will partner up with China's State Grid Corporation to develop IoT-enabled blockchain.
  • The company secured a $234 million Series B funding round back in June, 2018.