Opinion: Why The Brave Affiliate Link Antics Matter More Than You Think

  • Brave replaced some URLs typed in the browser with affiliate links due to a setting that used to be enabled by default.
  • The setting provides no indication that it has anything to do with affiliate links.
Brendan Eich, CEO and founder of Brave. David Maung/Bloomberg

  • Brave replaced some URLs typed in the browser with affiliate links due to a setting that used to be enabled by default.
  • The setting provides no indication that it has anything to do with affiliate links.

Follow This One Rule To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Scammers' revenue has grown from "just" $400 million in 2017 to more than $4 billion in 2019.
  • Following this one rule will help you identify the overwhelming majority of crypto schemes that many are still falling prey to.
U.S. President Donald Trump signs a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill into law. Financial Times

It Would Have Been So Much Easier To Distribute The COVID-19 Stimulus Package With CBDC

  • Sending cheques by mail poses a multitude of problems, including lost cheques and wrong addresses.
  • If there was a central bank digital currency in place, the distribution process could have been so much simpler, as simple as executing a process in a simple UI.
A Federal Reserve bank. The Balance.

Can Bitcoin be Used as a Central Bank Digital Currency?

  • As unlikely as it might be, we took a look at bitcoin being used as a central bank digital currency.
  • We listed the pros and cons, as well as the necessary evolution bitcoin would have to go through in order to be used as a CBDC.

Opinion: 2020, The Return of Cryptocurrency

  • With three bullish trends dominating this January alone, the crypto market is showing strong signs of an all-out bull charge.
  • The quick progress of blockchain and digital assets into a multitude of industries is fueling a new bubble, bringing up memories of the 2018 Armageddon.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Talk About Cryptocurrency

  • Aside from a few generic mentions, cryptocurrency has been left out of the 7 Democratic debates so far.
  • The digital assets sector has matured enough to demand the attention of top-level lawmakers as regulatory uncertainty keeps hindering innovation.

Fraud is Holding Back the Crypto Market. Will it Ever End?

  • Investors need to start evaluating projects more critically, opting to invest in what people do, not what they say.
  • More than $4 billion worth of cryptocurrency have been stolen in 2019, compared to $1.7 billion in 2018.

Why Are You Still Not Using Brave?

  • The privacy-focused browser is quickly gaining momentum after its 1.0 version release.
  • With features like Brave Rewards, seamless security, and top speed, Brave is gradually turning into the benchmark browser of the future.

Can China’s Blockchain Push Unleash the End-of-Year Bulls?

  • China publicly announcing their support for blockchain innovation seems to have given the bulls a reason to charge again.
  • Total crypto market cap has jumped by more than $40 billion in a matter of hours, with Bitcoin closing in on $10,000.

Why the Libra Exodus Might be Good for the Project

  • With organizations withdrawing in droves, thoughts of Libra's downfall naturally come to mind.
  • However, with the seeming invulnerability of the project now shattered, policymakers might take a more objective approach towards the venture.

Can Cryptocurrency Replace Central Banks?

  • The topic of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is slowly becoming one of the hottest financial debates.
  • Cryptocurrency often comes up as a potential solution for CBDC, some even arguing that it will eventually replace central banks as a whole.

Will Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Change the Future of Cryptocurrency?

  • The National Research Council of Canada is partnering with the University of Waterloo in research efforts towards a quantum-safe blockchain technology.
  • Scientists’ opinions differ on the limits of quantum computers and their ability to solve complex equations.

How the U.S.-China Trade War is Affecting the Crypto Market

  • China is making more out of their trade relationship with the U.S. and Donald Trump doesn't like that.
  • While not directly influenced, the crypto market is still part of the economic machine and is reacting to the uncertainty of this grand bout.

Global Recession Indicators Send the Crypto Market in Freefall

  • Bitcoin has proclaimed its intended role as a store of value during recessions since its genesis block.
  • Still, the news about an incoming recession saw the coin react like it is part of the "high-risk gambling vehicle" asset class, in stark contrast to established stores of value.