How to Explore Historical DeFi Data

  • DeFi Watch is a decentralized finance historical data aggregator.
  • It allows people to explore pool prospects on different platforms and apps to find the best place to earn interest on DeFi.

  • DeFi Watch is a decentralized finance historical data aggregator.
  • It allows people to explore pool prospects on different platforms and apps to find the best place to earn interest on DeFi.

Impermanent Loss Explained With Examples & Math

  • Learn what impermanent loss is, how it manifests, and how to calculate it.
  • We use several examples and formulae for both standard and complex AMM-based pools to examine, explain, and plot impermanent loss.

How to Leverage Yield Farming on Alpha Homora – The Simple Guide

  • Learn how Alpha Homora works, how to open a leveraged position and earn more with the same amount of assets, and how to manage your positions.
  • We also explain how to choose a pool to leverage, the rules of leveraging on the platform, and how to calculate possible scenarios.

How to Farm QUICK on QuickSwap – The Simple Guide

  • This article will teach you how to take advantage of one of the most lucrative liquidity mining programs on the market right now, while saving money on transaction fees.
  • We will take you through the strange but fascinating world of multiple network bridges and AMM quirks so you can have a seamless experience using the Layer-2 based exchange.

How to Optimise APY For Liquidity Mining Rewards

  • Users tend to blindly trust the APY calculations of the liquidity mining programs, despite the fact that they are typically flawed.
  • Knowing how compound interest works, how often to sell given your stake, and how to hunt for low gas fees are all invaluable skills we will look at.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency – The Simple Guide

  • Learn how to buy cryptocurrency on four of the most prestigious crypto trading platforms in the world.
  • To make an informed decision, you need to research what each platform offers, i.e., supported assets and countries, fees, and payment methods.

How to Farm BNT on Bancor – The Simple Guide

  • Bancor's liquidity mining program offers lucrative APYs, impermanent loss protection, and single-sided exposure.
  • We explain how Bancor works, how its liquidity mining program works, and how to farm BNT rewards on the platform.

How to Work With MetaMask – The Simple Guide

  • MetaMask offers the most convenient way of interacting with dapps.
  • We explain how the browser extension works, how to set it up, and how to use it to interact with various blockchains.
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How to Farm SUSHI on SushiSwap – The Simple Guide

  • We explain how SushiSwap works, and how to join a liquidity pool and start farming SUSHI tokens.
  • We also cover the use of handy DeFi tools that will help you stay on top of your portfolio.
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Crypto Wash Trading Explained In Simple Terms

  • Wash trading on crypto platforms is holding the entire industry back by faking interest in otherwise uninteresting assets and pumping and dumping schemes.
  • Since wash trading was identified as a serious issue in the sector, companies have began cracking down on the illegal activity, significantly reducing wash trading operations.
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Delegated Proof of Stake Explained in Simple Terms

  • DPoS is a form of PoS that limits the number of block producers.
  • Block producers are elected through a voting process, where the public uses tokens to stake their votes on delegates they believe in.

Sharding Explained in Simple Terms

  • Sharding intends to solve one of the oldest of blockchain problems - scalability.
  • This dataset segmentation method, originally applied on databases, could increase transactions handled per second by hundreds of times.

Bitcoin Futures Explained in Simple Terms

  • With simple examples, we explain what futures are, how they work, and why people use them.
  • We then explain how bitcoin futures work (both shorts and longs), on which exchanges they are available, and list their pros and cons.

Soft & Hard Forks Explained in Simple Terms

  • We explain, with examples, what soft and hard forks are, and point out their differences.
  • We then take a close look at the actors involved in influencing the creation and implementation of network upgrades and their roles within a crypto community.