Christie’s to Auction Off a Set of CryptoPunk NFTs

  • Christie's estimates the value of the rate set between $7 million and $9 million.
  • The set will be auctioned off at the 21st Century Evening Sale on 13 May, in New York.

Teller Finance Announces Mainnet Launch With Fortune Teller NFT Sale

  • The NFTs will be used to provide liquidity to the protocol.
  • Users that stake their NFTs will be able to earn APYs.

NFT Marketplace OpenSea Raises $23M in Series A

  • Angel investors such as Ron Conway, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Belinda Johnson, Naval Ravikant, Ben Silberman, and others also participated in the funding round.
  • a16z said OpenSea is becoming the Amazon of NFTs by bringing "all platforms together and eases transactions among all parties".

Elon Musk Turns Down $1M Offer For a Tweet NFT

  • Elon Musk's NFT tweet received a bid of more than $1 million in less than two days.
  • Despite the frenzy around his NFT tweet, the CEO of Tesla decided not to sell his "artwork".

DappRadar Launches BSC Portfolio Tracker, NFT Rankings

  • DappRadar will now support connecting Binance wallets alongside Metamask.
  • Users will be able to tracke their BSC portfolio and access real-time NFT data.

Beeple’s NFT Art Breaks Records With $69.3M Price Tag

  • With its price tag of $69.3 million, "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" has put Beeple among the three most expensive living artists.
  • The NFT was the first digital art piece to be created exclusively for the 255 years old Christie auction house.

ZKSwap to Deploy on BSC, Issue 1,993 Cypherpunk NFTs

  • Deploying on BSC will allow its users to benefit from instant, gasless swaps and trades.
  • To commemorate the first mass-media discussion of the Cypherpunk movement, ZKSwap will issue 1,993 NFTs on BSC.