Shopify to Allow Direct Selling of NFTs

  • The e-commerce company is now supporting the direct sale of NFTs for its merchants, though the offering will be limited for some time.
  • The first merchant to use the new offering is the Chicago Bulls, which released a limited NFT collection representing its six championship rings.

Acoer Launches User Rights Management Platform on Hedera

  • RightsHash will associate individuals' digital rights with NFTs issued on the public Hedera platform.
  • The first use case for the platform will be providing consent management for clinical trials.

Nifty’s Partners With Warner Bros. to Launch Space Jam NFTs

  • A collection of limited-edition Space Jam NFTs will launch on Nifty's new social NFT platform.
  • The company recently completed a $10 million seed funding round.

ZKSwap Introduces Unlimited Token Listings, NFTs in Updated Roadmap

  • In Q3, ZKSwap will introduce support for ERC-721 and support NFT transfers.
  • The platform's updated roadmap will include improving access to wallets, exchanges, and payment services.

Enjin, Health Hero Partner on NFT Wellness App

  • Named "Go! By Health Hero", the app will allow users to create unique Well-being Non-Fungible Tokens (W-NFTs) based on their health and activity characteristics.
  • The app will use Enjin's gas-free JumpNet blockchain, which uses 99.99% less electricity than Ethereum, in order to remain environmentally friendly and cheap for users.

Wirex Partners With Terra Virtua on NFT Giveaway

  • The first 500 customers that upgrade their Wirex programs will receive a code to unlock a limited-edition Wirex NFT from Terra Virtua.
  • The company has also launched various promotional offers worth a total of $500,000.

Kakao’s Klaytn Blockchain Launches NFT Minting Service

  • KrafterSpace will automatically create NFTs from uploaded images or video files.
  • The service is supported by NFT marketplace OpenSea, enabling users to trade NFTs directly from their wallets.

Binance to Launch ‘Creator-First’ NFT Marketplace

  • Once launched, Binance NFT will provide minimum NFT transaction costs to creators and traders of collectibles.
  • The platform will be divided into two main venues, each targeting different creators, the "Trading Market" and "Premium Events".

Refinable Becomes First Polkastarter IDO Exclusive to Binance Smart Chain

  • The NFT marketplace's IDO will take place on 23 April, with the project distributing 500 million $FINE tokens.
  • This is the first time a project exclusive to BSC is having an IDO on Polkastarter.

Christie’s to Auction Off a Set of CryptoPunk NFTs

  • Christie's estimates the value of the rate set between $7 million and $9 million.
  • The set will be auctioned off at the 21st Century Evening Sale on 13 May, in New York.