Coinbase Opens Base Blockchain to the Public

  • Coinbase’s Base blockchain was made available to the public on Wednesday, featuring over 100 dApps and services as part of its ecosystem.
  • In order to show its capabilities and promote its mainnet partners, Base has also launched an event called “Onchain Summer” that will allow users to mint exclusive NFTs on the network.


Popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially launched the mainnet for its Base blockchain, featuring over 100 dApps and services as part of its ecosystem, the company said via Twitter on 9 August.

According to a blog post from Base, the layer-2 network is now open to the public to explore its numerous dApps and services, as well as benefit from its lower transaction fees and faster speeds compared to the Ethereum mainnet. Built using Optimis’s software stack, Base operates as a rollup network that processes transactions off of the Ethereum blockchain, providing a faster and cheaper alternative for many dApps.

The new blockchain has attracted a large number of crypto projects ever since its beta version was launched back in February. Although the network was made available to all users on Wednesday, Base’s mainnet was actually launched on 13 July, though it was available only to developers at the time.

A number of well known crypto projects have already launched their products on Base, including cross-chain bridge protocol Wormhole, decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, web-based payment app Beam, and many more.

As part of its official public launch, Base is starting an event — called “Onchain Summer” — in order to show its capabilities over the next several weeks, and promote Base’s mainnet partners in the digital art, music, and gaming sectors. Multiple brands and projects will allow users to mint exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the new blockchain, including Coca-Cola, Showtime, Atari, Optimism, OpenSea, and others.

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