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In a blog post published on 26 August, ZKSwap announced it will be discontinuing the ZKSwap V1 mainnet over the next month. The development team explained the shutdown of the V1 version of the Layer-2 DEX is due to technical iteration — the user experience and functions of the newly launched V2 are far more powerful than what V1 has to offer. 

The cease operation will officially begin on 26 August. Until 3 September, the ZKSwap operation team will stop all functions on V1, including deposits and withdrawals, token swaps, adding new accounts, and adding liquidity. On 18 September, all V1 services except for the browser will be discontinued. Come 25 September, the team will completely stop the V1 operation. 

Users were called to migrate their assets from ZKSwap V1 to V2 before 25 September. The team said it will guarantee the absolute safety of user funds during the process, ensuring the shutdown of V1 won’t cause any loss of digital assets. Users that fail to migrate their assets to V2 before the shut down will be able to move their funds by contacting the moderator through official Telegram channels, the team said. 

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