Developer screen with colored programming code

According to an announcement published on 27 July, ZKSwap has officially launched the second iteration of its platform and introduced several new key features. The company said they are targeting a Layer-1 Ethereum mainnet launch on 28 July, with Layer-2 deployments on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HECO, and OKEx Chain (OEC) to follow soon after.

ZKSwap V2 will introduce unlimited token liting, enabling users to list any ERC-20 standard tokens after paying gas fees. The platform will charge no token listing fees and will soon support unlimited tokens and token pairs of all standards both on its app and web versions. 

The platform’s V2 also brings a dynamically modified circuit system that improves the speed of transaction aggregation. This will shorten the withdrawal time from Layer-2 to Layer-1 from 40 minutes to 20 minutes, the company said in the announcement. 


Aside from providing faster withdrawals, ZKSwap V2 enables users to pay the withdrawal fees either in ZKS, WBTC, ETH, or USDT. More fee tokens are set to be added in the future. 

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