Crypto debate at the 2019 Digital Money Forum
Crypto debate at the 2019 Digital Money Forum. Digital Money Forum

The one-day conference with a four-day exhibit marketplace will be held at CES Las Vegas between January 7 and 10. The focus of this year’s Digital Money Forum will naturally be decentralizing finance.

With pretty much every major corporation racing to secure patents and develop technologies based on distributed ledgers, blockchain’s applicability in the modern tech world is no longer questionable. Now it is all about the how and when.

And while distributed ledger technology can be applied to almost any industry that uses and communicates with data in any shape, way, or form, finance is where most of the innovation happens at the moment.


With cash slowly becoming obsolete in developed countries, the new era of digital cash is being explored, spurring a string of business models that try to captivate and redefine consumers’ money using habits.

Some use credit cards, others use mobile applications. Some use bitcoin, others use subscription services. While different in execution, all of these new methods of payment have the same end goal – make it as easy, convenient, and secure as possible for people to use digital money.

And while it may be obvious for some what the best option is, others might still wonder how the future will be shaped. This is the main topic that will be discussed at the Digital Money Forum in the beginning of 2020.

Investors, analysts, banks, creators of alternative digital assets, business owners, tech developers, and pioneers of crypto all collide together to discuss digital money and its potential impact on the future of the economy.

“This year’s overarching theme for the Digital Money Forum is the decentralization of finance. Whether you’ve been wondering why tech companies like Google, Apple and Uber are entering the world of banking, dabbling in Bitcoin or enamored with Libra you know that the center of power is shifting quickly,” shared Robin Raskin, Living in Digital Times Founder and Digital Money Forum Producer. “The arms race to move to new forms of transactions is on and the implications for both businesses and personal wealth is major.”

More specifically, here’s a short list of people and the topics they will explore:

  • Principal at EY Financial Services Nikhil Lele will explore the banks of the future and how banks are currently transforming.
  • Gemini, Galaxy, and IBM will share their thoughts on compliant, new-age exchanges and crypto-based services.
  • President and COO at MakerDAO Steven Becker will discuss, along with a group of experts from Protocol Labs,, and Grit Daily, the difficulties of blockchain and how the technology can be improved.
  • Larry King, Christa Steele, and Stahn Bharti will talk about disruptive blockchain applications in industries like energy and agriculture.
  • Nevada congressional candidate Lisa Sutton, Jason Brett from Valve, and Combiz Abdolrahimi from Deloitte will zoom in on the uncharted territories of digital asset regulation.
  • Michael J. Casey from CoinDesk will talk about digital transformation management.

The idea of paper cash becoming obsolete has most certainly gained a lot of popularity in 2019, so it will be interesting to see what industry leaders think of digital cash and its implications on the future of money.

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