First Chinese State-Sanctioned Global Blockchain Forum Announced by Huobi

  • The forum’s guests of honor come from countries part of the China-found Belt and Road Initiative.
  • As part of the International Cooperation Forum Huobi Global will announce the ‘Global Digital Financial Thinktank’ and share more information on their ecosystem and initiatives.
Yuming Yuan, CEO of Huobi Research, talking about new trends and use cases for blockchain tech

Yuming Yuan, CEO of Huobi Research, talking about new trends and use cases for blockchain tech. Huobi Global

Leading blockchain company – Huobi Group announced the ‘Hainan Free Trade Port International Cooperation Forum on Digital Economy and Blockchain’ in cooperation with the Hainan Resort Software Community and the Department of Industry and Information of Hainan Province.

This global forum will be held at the Ritz Carlton and Renaissance Hotel in Haikou, Hainan Province, China, between December 5 and 6 and will gather governmental officials from all around the world.

The event is approved and supported by the Chinese government and will involve both local and foreign leaders and businessmen from states that are involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Some of the countries that are sending representatives are Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Gibraltar, Argentina, Nigeria etc. The aim of the forum is to popularize blockchain technology and bolster global cooperation in this fast developing digital economy. Government officials will give press conferences on December 5th.

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an international development strategy established by China. It is directed at economic partnerships not only in Asia, but in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa.

The opening speech will be delivered by Hainan Province’s Governor – Shen Shaoming and the Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission – Cai Esheng.

The opening speech will be followed by a roundtable of Belt and Road countries’ delegates. Keynotes will be carried out by Leon Li – Huobi founder and CEO, and Hainan officials.

During the meeting, all the guests involved will share ideas and observations on the rapid development of the blockchain sector and the digital economy as a whole.

Hu Tao, the Head of Hainan Ecological Software Park, gave more information on the agenda:

“There will be panels and discussions running the gamut of topics in the entire blockchain industry, from emerging opportunities of the digital economy to the risks of blockchain technology. However, the highlight of the event will be the signing ceremony between Chinese blockchain enterprises and representatives from the Belt and Road nations.”

The forum organizer and founder – Huobi Global will use the high-level gathering to distribute more info concerning their blockchain ecosystem and upcoming global initiatives. Huobi have also organized a formal ceremony on which they will reveal the ‘Global Digital Financial Thinktank’.

Yuan Yuming, Huobi China CEO noted that:

“The forum is an opportunity to demonstrate to business and government leaders opportunities for collaboration using our cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.”

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