Photo illustration of hands holding smartphones to conceptualize work and communication on the Internet
Photo illustration of hands holding smartphones to conceptualize work and communication on the Internet. Freepik

In light of the announcement of the EMINENT task force, which aims to speed up the adoption of the ethereum mainnet by enterprises by providing a set of open-source standards, Unibright have announced that they have seen an increase in orders on their various workshop packages.

The company offers different levels of consultation and development work for businesses looking to work with blockchain and seeking the expertise of an already-established blockchain company.

Back in 2019, Unibright announced that they will accept UBT, the native-to-the-ecosystem token, as payment for their workshop packages, in addition to it already being the official voucher for the Unibright Framework.


In their latest announcement, Unibright share that they have decided to suspend the smallest “First Touch” workshop package until further notice. They have also re-evaluated the price at which UBT is redeemed for workshop packages to be around $0.42. This change will not affect the Unibright Framework where customers will still be able to renew at $0.14 per UBT. In a previous blog post, Unibright explained, in detail, how their token model works.

The company has split its workshops into a few categories – Unibright Solutions (blockchain integration and consultation), Unibright ThinkTank (business model inception), and Unibright Freequity (tokenization-related services).

Here’s what the workshop packages’ pricing looks after the latest change:

Unibright Freequity:

  • Deep Dive: 7,500 UBT or 2,500 EUR

Unibright ThinkTank:

  • Deep Dive: 15,000 UBT or 5,000 EUR

Unibright Solutions:

  • Deep Dive: 7,500 UBT or 2,500 EUR
  • Small: 30.000 UBT or 10,000 EUR
  • Medium: 150,000 UBT or 50,000 EUR
  • Large: 300,000 UBT or 100,000 EUR

As the market recovers from the latest short-term bull run with a healthy dump, it seems UBT is unaffected and is making its own stride. The price of the token has already increased from $0.018 to $0.25 just in the first month and a half of this year – a 1,288% jump.

With the Unibright team on the constant lookout for new use cases for their digital asset, it seems that this is one of a handful of projects out there actually doing good work and helping drive forward the blockchain industry.

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