Unibright & Concircle Partner To Improve Unibright Connector Workflows

  • Unibright Connector already has a “tailor made derivation” of Concircle’s workflow solution — con­FLOW.
  • The partnership came about thanks to the companies mutual work on Baseline-related projects throughout 2020.

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Unibright has formed a new partnership with Concircle to enhance Unibright Connector’s SAP workflows, the firm said in a press release on 26 November.

According to the announcement, California-based Concircle has already created a “tailor made derivation” of its conFLOW workflow solution for the Unibright Connector, which will enable users to customize complex workflows without the need of SAP know-how. Through this integration, users will be able to design and control all relevant approval steps from within the SAP standard environment. Stefan Rauch, co-founder of Concircle, said in a statement:

“Our understanding of business processes as workflow steps led to the development of conFLOW, responsible for managing the flow of six-figure numbers of documents within clients’ SAP systems every month. Baseline is a powerful addition to synchronising these worksteps across companies, and we are happy to now officially partner with Unibright to make that happen.”

The partnership came about thanks to the companies mutual work on Baseline-related projects throughout 2020. The blog post specifically mentions their collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, which focused on developing an application in the field of manufacturing technology — as part of the Baseline protocol.

The two firms also collaborated this August, when they worked with North American Coca-Cola Bottlers to baseline the bottling supply chain. The project had the goal of increasing the transparency and efficiency in the bottlers’s intricate supply chain, and of extending the use-case from the internal network to a larger audience.

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