Unibright present their product at the St. Petersburg Blockchain Conference
Unibright present their product at the St. Petersburg Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in February, 2018. Unibright

Formed under the wing of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Mainnet Working Group (EEA), the Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises (EMINENT) task force will aim to speed up the adoption of the ethereum public blockchain by businesses, the EEA announced on January 27.

Companies using systems of record, such as ERP and CRM, will find it easier to integrate their current operations with the ethereum mainnet, if the task force does a good job. The main players in the new task force will be Unibright, Chainlink, and Anyblock Analytics.

Unibright will bring its vast experience in integrating blockchain to work with different enterprises, Chainlink, its expertise as the leading oracle provider for inputs and outputs of smart contracts, and Anyblock Analytics, their innovative blockchain analytics tools.


The EEA also announced that the above team is open to accepting new members of the EEA to join. If non-members are interested in helping the task force in its mission, they can contact the EEA for more information on joining the endeavor.

In short, the EMINENT task force’s goal will be to “build open source available reference implementations and guidelines for mainnet integration with enterprise ‘systems of record'”, ‘systems of record’ referring here to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

The goal is to be achieved within 18 – 24 months, with initial focus on defining work packages and proof-of-concept solutions, before ultimately delivering “open-source available documentation and specification basis (like ERC standards) for further development by the public Ethereum community and EEA members”.

As the task force progresses with its milestones, intermediate updates will be released to the public.

Marten Jung, co-founder and CEO of Unibright, commented on the endeavor:

“This task force is exactly what is needed to bring enterprises closer to blockchain usage. We are happy to engage in this task force in a leading part. We can use our 20+ years of experience in business integration, the technology knowledge we built around our Unibright framework and the domain knowledge we gained with unibright.solutions to make this a success.”

Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink, also commented on the new collaboration:

“We’re excited to work closely with the EMINENT Task Force to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in public blockchain environments. Developing mainnet integration standards that take into account the specific challenges of enterprises is key to the EMINENT Task Force being able to leverage the unique advantages of public blockchains, while seamlessly and securely incorporating their current systems of record and key data sources.”

Freddy Zwanzger, co-founder and CDO of Anyblock Analytics, also expressed excitement about working with already-existing partners Unibright and Chainlink, focusing on the possibilities that corporations working with the public ethereum mainnet might bring.