The two blockchain-based companies announced their partnership today, recognizing their aligned visions for the advancement of the crypto sector. Mainbloq, an innovative platform for researching and trading digital assets, was already working with 27 of the top cryptocurrency venues before the addition of LGO to the mix.

LGO, on the other hand, is a bitcoin exchange launched in April 2019 in Europe, currently working with over 40 institutions across 15 countries. The exchange makes it easy to trade bitcoin with “a level of transparency, security and client service which is uncompared in the space”.

Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq, commented on the integration:


“We believe institutions will play an outsized role in the future of cryptocurrency trading, and our partnership with LGO is an important step forward in that future.”

Hugo Renaudin, CEO of LGO, also commented on the partnership, expressing his admiration for Mainbloq’s technology:

“We were impressed by Mainbloq’s technology. Our visions for the future of cryptocurrency are aligned and we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.”