The Hash War is Officially Over as CoinGeek Add Replay Protection

Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek has published a press release, declaring that the team behind BitcoinSV will add replay protection, officially ending the Bitcoin Cash hash war.

This event is merely a formality, given that the SHA256 miners using ABC clients managed to severely overpower the aggressors from BitcoinSV, while simultaneously adding checkpoints, preventing potential deep reorganisation attacks in the future.

However, it was a much needed formality, given that threats of future hostility have been amongst the main drivers of the recent market crash.

The press release accuses ABC proponents of “not prioritising stability by implementing replay protection” – which appears rather ironic considering their “no split” and “minority forks should not be allowed to exist” narrative from before the split. It also calls the hash lead by ABC “artificial”.

The publication also lists former BCH applications that have switched to BSV. Among them are Handcash, Centbee, Money Button, and the Tokenized platform – all of which are either partially owned or funded by CoinGeek and nChain.

The press release has managed to draw the interest of cryptocurrency speculators. At the time of writing, BSV is the only top 10 coin in terms of market capitalisation, which has seen its price increase over the previous 24 hours. Despite being priced at around half the price of BCH, it has also doubled Bitcoin Cash’s trading volume.

Interest appears organic, and the market seems unconcerned with Jihan Wu’s intentions to sell his BSV coins. Judging by the price movements, he is unlikely to have started liquidating his company’s over one million coins.