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After a few weeks of relative uncertainty, many assumptions about TaaS were proven correct.

As a reminder, TaaS is a managed closed-end crypto hedge fund, in which every token represents a portion of the fund’s portfolio. Previously, quarterly profits would be distributed to token holders and fund managers, while half of the profits would be reinvested. As announced a month ago, the fund is shutting down and all assets are being distributed to token holders.

The fund was known for its transparency, thanks to its cryptographic audit feature, which allowed users to track performance and assets at any time. Exactly because of this feature, many users were able to calculate the expected final payout, and the most popular assumptions turned out to be correct.


One TaaS token yielded:

  • 0.0055366678 ETH
  • 0.0013419043 MLN (worth 0.00003816353 ETH)
  • 1.0286028969 FXT (worth 0.00001005973 ETH)
  • 0.2165462940 MITX (worth 0.00001330243 ETH)
  • 0.1274278407 XID (worth 0.00002042413 ETH)
  • 5.2955495090 YEED (worth 0.00000894947 ETH)

…in addition to a multitude of other tokens in insignificantly small quantities. Converting the five most valuable (listed above) to ETH and adding the result to the 0.0055366678 yields 0.00562756709 ETH per 1 TaaS token in total.

Strangely enough, token price rarely exceeded 0.005 ETH for the past few weeks despite the public nature of the fund performance. Buying at any point during the last month would have resulted in a profit of between 10% and 100% at distribution time, yet interest in buying the token couldn’t overcome selling pressure which led to TaaS being undervalued. Buying earlier this year could have nearly tripled the ETH value of the investment, in a period in which ETH itself doubled in USD value.

Only KYC-verified users could take advantage of the distribution, and citizens of the USA and a number of other jurisdictions are not allowed. Perhaps this is the reason why less than 70% of the TaaS in circulation had been sent to the distribution smart contract earlier today. Fortunately, this distribution is only the first of many, and the next one is scheduled for June.