Stacks Foundation Receives Chainlink Community Grant

  • The funds from the grant will be used to fund the Stack Accelerator, a mentorship-driven program aimed at startups.
  • Developers that want to integrate Chainlink’s Price Feeds will be provided additional resources from the grant.
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According to a Chainlink press release from 21 May, the grant will enable the Stacks Foundation to continue its ongoing work with the Stack Accelerator, a mentorship-driven program designed to fuel the growth of startups built on the Stacks blockchain, which already supports dozens of early-stage startups.

Stacks developers that seek to leverage Chainlink’s Price Feeds to use in their smart contracts will be provided additional resources from the grant, the company said. 

“The integration of Chainlink oracles will further expand the tools and secure off-chain services available to Stacks developers, enabling the creation of even more advanced DeFi applications that can achieve widespread adoption,” said Trevor Owens, Managing Partner of the Stacks Accelerator.

Chainlink’s Community Grants program aims to accelerate the development of companies building universally connected smart contracts and secure oracle networks. By providing financial support to Stacks Accelerator, Chainlink wants to strengthen the connection between the two ecosystems and bring more use-cases to its oracle services. 

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