Cybersecurity concept

According to an announcement published on 3 June, the team behind PancakeBunny has implemented a multi-faceted plan to enhance the protocol’s security. Partnering with Chainlink will enable the protocol to introduce a slate of innovative products and services that can be used to review connected dApps. The company said that increased screening will require the team to assume additional operating costs, but noted it was firmly committed to improving the ecosystem’s security. 

“We are committed to developing increasingly secure, sophisticated strategies that maximize returns and also to designing those strategies to work together to address persistent ecosystem vulnerabilities,” the company said.

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network will be used in PancakeBunny’s Multiplexer, which is currently in a restricted beta mode. The Multiplexer is the first in a series of strategies that use asset-mirroring to stack BSC returns on top of yields earned natively on other blockchains. This type of farming uses mirrored assets that have been created through cross-chain collateralization and is significantly more transaction-heavy than other single-chain strategies. To make the strategy more secure, PancakeBunny will utilize Chainlink’s oracles to get direct and reliable access to fast, definitive, credible, and secure price feeds.

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