Microsoft sign at the company's headquarters
Microsoft sign at the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA on March 28, 2019. VDB Photos/Shutterstock

On July 16, Waves Enterprise, one of the leading international blockchain platforms, announced its partnership with Microsoft. The two companies will collaborate on developing corporate blockchain solutions and cloud technologies in Russia, and work towards the development of a new supply chain for the tokenization of industrial assets.

According to the statement, Waves Enterprise will be added to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, making its products available to a wide range of companies worldwide. The Waves platform will also be included in the Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, enabling businesses to deploy their Waves’ corporate blockchain node in a company’s own infrastructure within the Azure Stack environment.

“Waves Enterprise is one of the leading international blockchain platforms, which substantially contributes to the development of an ecosystem for decentralized solutions globally,” said Christina Tikhonova, president of Microsoft Russia.


She then went on to express her enthusiasm for the joint initiative by adding:

“For Microsoft, it is vital to support developers of innovative solutions and foster wide availability of contemporary tech tools for the development of Russian business. We are confident that our partnership will facilitate the full realization of blockchain technology in the corporate sector in Russia and also, globally.”

The two companies also announced plans to jointly develop a cloud-based service on Azure analytical tools that will collect structured data in the form of analytical reports and data graphs of business processes from the blockchain. The new service will also include other features such as automatic smart contract audit, analysis of network transactions for anomalies, and token flow visualization.

The integration of Waves Enterprise with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies will allow for a new solutions-based application model for blockchain to be released on the platform. The so-called BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) will be applied in supply chain optimization, data notary, and tokenization of industrial assets, and will be available along with the other financial services provided by Azure.

The agreement will last five years, during which both companies will work together on the adoption of the best international practices and the creation of new service models for corporate solutions based on blockchain technology. They will join hands in bringing industrial blockchain innovation in Russia, while also contributing to the development of global cloud-computing blockchain technology.