Tim Draper during an interview
Tim Draper during an interview. Varchev

The prominent venture capitalist Tim Draper has provided funding to Goren Holm Ventures, the LA blockchain accelerator and incubator, extending his collaboration with the firm, which is now going under the name Draper Goren Holm.

The company is known for being the organizers of Crypto Invest Summit, one of the world’s most popular blockchain investment forums.

“I am excited about doubling-down on Los Angeles and blockchain with the premiere blockchain conference and accelerator team in LA,” said Tim Draper. “Josef and Alon are ingrained in the LA community and have created a funnel of some of the top talent and entrepreneurs in the world. And we welcome the rebranded “Draper Goren Holm” to the Draper Venture Network.”


Draper is famous for being an early investor in multiple high-profile companies, including Tesla, Hotmail, Skype, and Coinbase. He is also recognized as one of the early backers of Bitcoin.

Alon Goren, a founding partner of Goren Holm Ventures, talked about the platform’s expertise in identifying first-rate entrepreneurs, operating in emerging economies and allowing them to cooperate efficiently.

“We’ve built a platform that enables us to find, identify and support the most amazing entrepreneurs in the blockchain space, at the earliest stage,” said Goren. “Having Tim Draper, one of the most successful and legendary early-stage investors on our team further amplifies our efforts and growth.”

Prior to all of this, Goren Holm was accepted into the Draper Venture Network (DVN). It represents a unique collaboration of autonomous and independent venture capital that relies upon market intelligence, investor diligence, and co-investments.

In the meantime, the relations between Goren, Holm, and Draper grew stronger, leading to Draper’s investment, which also made him a member of the company’s board.

After the news was released to the public, GHV co-founder Josef Holm also expressed his delight in Draper’s involvement:

“Tim is one of the most respected voices in not only cryptocurrency but throughout the investment world. We’re honored that he decided to join our firm and bring the world-class knowledge he has to offer.”

Draper Goren Holm already stands behind some of the most prominent and popular blockchain and cryptocurrency events, such as the Security Token Summit and the Crypto Invest Summit (CIS).

Additionally, companies such as Totle, Ownera, Innovesta, LunarCrush, Giftz, Vertalo, Coinsquad, CasperLabs, Element Zero, Blockchain Credit Partners and more sit on the portfolio of the company.