Core Scientific Announces New Premier Blockchain Hosting Center

  • 30MW of client blockchain servers have already been deployed to the new site.
  • With this investment in Core’s infrastructure, their customers will be fully able to use the maximum of their own servers.
Servers farm in a data center

Servers farm in a data center. Freepik

Core Scientific, the company that focuses on blockchain infrastructure and artificial intelligence released news that they have just opened a new massive Blockchain complex in Calvert City, Kentucky.

Core Scientific are using an old steel mill establishment that was in action until 2016 and are basically giving it a new life. The complex consists of buildings that are designed with a concrete purpose and are thermodynamically set up towards efficient temperature management.

More than 30MW of customer blockchain servers have been already deployed, out of 125MW of power that is ready for its usage.

It is a common opinion that Core Scientific is providing the best infrastructure and software solutions in their class. The company engineers are altering the way information is handled, shared and saved over a wide range of business sectors in an ever-so increasingly connected world.

The new Calvert City complex is a datacenter with very high density that boosts the footprint of the company to more than 250MW across all five data centers (other 400MW are under LOI).   

The CEO of Core Scientific, Kevin Turner shared their goal:

“We are investing in the infrastructure and software solutions that help our customers maximize the performance of their servers. Our goal is to provide the optimized environment for the latest generation of blockchain servers, and create capacity for global customers to securely host in the stable US market.”

The people over at Core Scientific have proven to be trustworthy when it comes to hosting enterprise blockchain infrastructure. Their facilities’ locations are carefully chosen with electric pricing, geopolitical stability and regulations in mind.

As the press release reads, the new Kentucky location has been launched with the help of partners TVA and Jackson Purchase for power supply. Thanks to their local contractors of Barnhart Crane, Belyea Corporation, Collier Electric, Manpower and Murtco their complex is “49% not-emitting power generation”.

The announcement ends with a conclusion by Turner:

“As one of the largest blockchain hosting providers in the USA we are trusted by large-scale partners around the world to deliver optimized solutions.”

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