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Optimistic Ethereum, a Layer-2 scaling solution developed by Optimism PBC, announced it has now integrated Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network. Chainlink’s Price Feeds have already gone live on Optimistic Ethereum, enabling developers to access high-quality, tamper-proof data feeds on-chain.

According to a press release published on 2 September, there are already a large number of Chainlink Price Feeds running live on Optimistic Ethereum. Developers that need help in launching new price feeds can reach out to Chainlink directly and the company will assist them with data feeds to support their applications.

Chainlink Price Feeds are native to Optimistic Ethereum, which means they run at the underlying speed and cost of Optimistic Ethereum. This will enable developers to get inexpensive, low latency price updates in real-time, unlocking new smart contract applications that were impossible on Optimism’s Layer-2.


Optimism PBC said it will be working with Chainlink to expand support on Optimistic Ethereum for other Chainlink oracle services, including Chainlink VFT, Chainlink Keepers, and off-chain data computation. 

“With Chainlink oracle networks natively integrated on Optimism, developers can leverage the most decentralized and secure off-chain services for building advanced hybrid smart contracts,” stated Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink.

He added that when combined with Optimism’s low-cost Layer-2 scaling solutions, Chainlink’s high-frequency oracle updates give smart contract developers everything they need to build reliable dApps with high throughput. 

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