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On November 20, Chainlink announced that it has selected IRISnet as the next recipient of the Chainlink Community Grant Program, with the goal of completing a native integration of the protocol into China’s Blockchain Services Network (BSN).

The BSN is a standardized internet services provider for dapp developers. This government-backed blockchain initiative aims to assist small and medium businesses to deploy their products on local permissioned blockchains. Chainlink will supposedly utilize IRISnet’s interchain blockchain protocol to successfully integrate its oracle technology into the network.

IRISnet will provide some of the key components for this integration, including the validation and adaptation of Chainlink contracts to ensure compatibility with the technology. The operator will also deliver a monitoring solution for the integration so that all components are safely deployed to the BSN and IRITA.


IRISnet’s IRITA is a permissionless interchain hub, which allows BSN blockchains to “request and receive external off-chain data from Chainlink oracles”. Along with IRITA, Chainlink will utilize SNZ Pool-operated nodes for oracle service operators.

Harriet Cao, Co-founder of IRISnet said that the expansion of Chainlink into China’s Blockchain Services Network will support the making of a “complete suite of public blockchain infrastructure” available at affordable prices to small and large enterprises.

According to the announcement, Chainlink will continue to empower developer teams of its ecosystem to research and build key tools and infrastructure for smart contracts and oracle networks through its Community Grant Program.

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