Canadian electric vehicles manufacturer Daymak's Spiritus car model
Canadian electric vehicles manufacturer Daymak's Spiritus car model. Daymak

According to a report from Business Insider, Nebula Miner, the technology behind the Avvenire Spiritus car, is yet to secure a patent, however, Daymak — the Canadian electric vehicles manufacturer behind the project — has already received more than $350 million worth of pre-orders for the three-wheeler electric car. Starting on 1 June, the company will accept Spiritus pre-order payments in a multitude of cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 

Aldo Baiocchi, the President of Daymak, said that the company is working with various cryptocurrency exchanges to offer cryptocurrency leasing payments. 

Every Spiritus vehicle will represent one node on the blockchain and will include the Daymak Nebula Miner and the Nebula Wallet. The company claims that the Nebula Miner will go to work mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin whenever the vehicle is charging. The car will be linked to a Nebula Wallet that will allow owners to collect, store, and transact with the cryptocurrencies their car has mined.

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