Illustration from Freepik

On July 19, Brave announced a new partnership with “Minna no code” (Code for Everyone), a non-profit organization that provides programming materials for schools with the aim of making coding in Japan more enjoyable for children.

After partnering with major cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and bitFlyer earlier this month, the crypto-powered browser will now go on to introduce support for NPOs, starting with one of Japan’s biggest computer science non-profits. Users of Brave who sympathize with the cause can now utilize the BAT reward system to make donations to Code for Everyone. They can also use a specific referral program, so that viewing digital advertisements transfers reward points directly to the organization’s wallet.

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Brave, a company widely known for being founded by JavaScript creator Brendan Eich. Brave’s business model of being able to contribute to creators simply by using the Brave web browser is revolutionary, and we share their vision of making the Internet safer, faster, and more comfortable,” said Yuta Tonegawa, CEO of Code for Everyone.


He then went on to express his support for the innovative new endeavor of the two companies:

“We would like to provide children all over Japan with better educational opportunities through the use of this browser. We look forward to seeing Brave’s visionary and groundbreaking products and activities in the future.”

Code for Everyone is engaged in a wide range of activities to support the development of young coders in Japan. They provide “Proguru”, programming teaching materials for schools, and “Procalli”, a collection of practical programming education case studies for teachers, while simultaneously hosting many computer science educational conferences every year.

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave software, also shared his thoughts on the project, saying that the company is committed to creating a world where users can support their favorite organizations and creators. He expressed his excitement for the project and said that he is hoping to see Code for Everyone get the support they deserve.