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On July 15, one of the major global cryptocurrency exchanges, Gemini, announced its partnership with Brave, a next-generation open-source browser. According to the official statement, the Gemini Trading Widget is now available on the testing and development versions of Brave. Users can easily add their Gemini card to the browser’s New Tab, allowing them to view their Gemini account balances, access their deposit addresses, and trade digital assets listed on the exchange.

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser developed by Brave Software. The company’s goal is to introduce a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that will reinvent the whole Web through a system that allows people to freely interact and support each other.

The browser provides seamless internet experience and allows its users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by opting to view privacy-preserving ads. These points are then used to support creators across a range of platforms, stimulating the growth of online communities.


“This is a deep integration spanning multiple product features, and our teams have been in lockstep to ensure that Brave Rewards works seamlessly with Gemini,” said Jason Mintz, Principal of product management at Gemini. “This includes building additional functionality (like OAuth) into the Gemini platform so customers can interact with us wherever they are – like trading in TradingView, browsing the web in Brave, or using their Samsung phone.”

Brave is the first web browser to integrate blockchain technology for the purpose of giving back to the community and rewarding creators for their qualitative work. With Gemini’s integration, American users in all states except Hawaii will be able to freely trade digital assets on the platform and make use of Brave’s innovative features.

After establishing a collaboration with bitFlyer one July 9, Brave is now on its way to draw in more major blockchain organizations to its crypto-powered platform. With this, they will aim to expand the recognition of cryptocurrencies worldwide by providing users from all around the globe with easy access to their favorite cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.