Illustration by Freepik

On July 9, Brave, one of the world’s leading next-generation browsers, announced its partnership with bitFlyer. Following the example of Binance, bitFlyer will develop a crypto asset wallet specifically for Brave browser users.

According to the official statement, this new mutual project is said to strengthen their cooperation after the integration of Basic Attention Token to Brave in April. They also mentioned the launch of a joint marketing campaign, aiming to increase the usage of blockchain technology and improve customer convenience.

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser developed by Brave Software Inc. The company’s goal is to introduce a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that will reinvent the whole Web through a system that allows people to freely interact and support each other.


In Japan, empowering both publishers and users of the browser occurs through the usage of crypto-based points called Basic Attention Token Points (BAP), which are different from the standard BAT tokens. They are given as a reward for watching ads and could be donated to the user’s favorite websites, thus giving back to the content creators, and stimulating the growth of online communities.

Currently, the direct use of BAT for trading is not eligible due to Japan’s regulation law. The partnership between the two companies and the introduction of the new feature is said to pave the way for future changes, allowing for more freedom of blockchain technology on the internet.

The introduction of BAP allows users to easily work with cryptocurrency and reveal its potential to the world. After the launch of the advertising campaign, the recognition of crypto will surely rise, especially in Japan. The community is expecting new legal solutions for the conversion of BAT to BAP and its usability in the online space.

BitFlyer failed to mention further details about the newly-formed partnership between the two companies but suggested that more about the project will be revealed at an event held on July 30th in Tokyo.