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On July 7, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the donation of 27,000 KN95 masks to the NHS Pru to aid healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus.

The receiver of the personal protection equipment (PPE) is The Princess Royal University Hospital, one of London’s largest and busiest teaching hospitals. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the medical system fell short on supplies, and the contribution of Binance Charity was much appreciated by the community.

“We’d like to thank Binance Charity for being a strong member of our community and contributing to the fight against COVID-19,” said Dr. Tarun Singhal, Senior Surgeon at the Pru Trust. He also expressed his hopes that other technology firms in London will follow their example and also support the cause.


Binance Charity is a non-profit organization under the wing of Binance. Its goal is to help bring global sustainable development with the power of blockchain technology. As a lot of people around the world still find themselves in the poverty trap, improving living conditions is a top priority for modern philanthropists. Binance Charity aims to bring transparency and inclusiveness with their blockchain donation system in order to efficiently support those in need.

“Binance Charity has supported the fight against COVID-19 in countries where support has been most needed without borders, we have supported more than ten countries across various continents,” said Helen Hai, Head of the Binance Charity Foundation.

She then openly expressed her support towards the NHS:

“In the U.K., the National Health Service is the most precious resource in treating and caring for those affected by this pandemic. At Binance Charity, we wanted to show our support for the NHS in a meaningful way, boosting the PPE supplies that safeguard the health of our healthcare workers.”

The leader of banking partnership for Binance in the U.K. and Europe, Ajit Tripathi, also expressed his admiration of the work of the NHS and PRUH and thanked the organizations for providing fintech companies with the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way when it is most needed.   

Since the launch of the Binance Charity’s “Crypto Against COVID” campaign this March, more than 1 million PPE have been delivered to countries all around the world. The founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, confirmed that the organization will continue to provide valuable supplies to medical workers and be “a force for good wherever it is needed”.

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