Jack Beavers

Jack is a journalist, researcher and content writer from the north of England with an affinity for emerging technology, finance and global macro trends. He has a background in music production and audio engineering and has been featured in a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency publications.

Opinion: How Will Crypto Markets React To The Second Wave Of COVID-19?

  • As several countries have already entered the second period of lockdown, many parts of the world are bracing for a long winter of isolation.
  • How will this affect crypto markets this time around, and how will it differ from the first lockdown?

Opinion: The Impact Of PayPal Entering The Crypto Market

  • PayPal will expose cryptocurrency access to its 346 million user base and 26 million merchants worldwide.
  • The news is a stamp of mainstream approval on cryptocurrency, but doesn't come without its downsides, including asset encapsulation and centralization, the latter seen by many as the enemy of what Bitcoin stands for.

Can Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Really Change The Global Economy?

  • The robustness of trustless DeFi could be the improvement current financial systems need.
  • With global change on the horizon, cryptocurrency could be at a turning point.

Is DeFi Sustainable?

  • Although speculation largely drives DeFi at the moment, there is much more potential there to be extracted.
  • Leading countries are already experimenting with concepts such as CBDC.