Dixon Jakinda

Dixon has more than 6 years of finance and accounting experience and is currently running a digital marketing agency, helping grow online traffic and sales. As a hobby, he enjoys writing about fintech, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in general.

6-Figure Influential Bitcoin Trader Forecasts a Continued BTC Price Slump

  • Zoran Kole, a highly respected crypto trader, states that the bottom of the pit is yet to be seen.
  • The effects of Bakkt's launch on the digital assets market are yet to match the hype that was mounting during the project's development.

Russian Authorities Upbeat to Legalize Cryptocurrency Confiscation

  • The laws that will allow confiscation of digital assets should come into action in 2021.
  • The regulation is still vague as cryptocurrencies are not the easiest to confiscate due to their decentralized and anonymous nature.

Tencent Granted License to Operate a Blockchain Bank

  • Tencent blockchain general manager Weige Cai announced the news in a keynote speech at the Wuzhen blockchain conference.
  • With this license, Tencent will gain speed in virtual banking over mainland competitors.

Private Jets Leasor Plans to Raise $10 Million for Crypto Charter Flights

  • Payments will be made in Jet Token's Ethereum ERC-20 token to allow for flexibility and quicker bookings.
  • How these ERC-20 tokens will be issued is still unclear, though clients will be able to purchase them with cash or Bitcoin.