Announced: Klaytn Horizon Blockchain Application Competition Winners

  • More than 100 projects fron countries all over the world participated in the competition.
  • In the end, 15 winners were chosen, among which are Exnomy and Jetstream, and will split the $1 million prize pool.
Klaytn presenting lucrative opportunities to developers

Klaytn presenting lucrative opportunities to developers at the Tech Forum by Ground X (TXGX) on 29 November, 2019. Klaytn

Kakao’s global public blockchain project Klaytn announced the winners for its blockchain application (bapp) competition dubbed Klaytn Horizon on 12 December 2019.

Developers from across the world were invited to build blockchain applications on the Klaytn platform, which launched back in June. Klaytn sought after proficient blockchain projects that can aid the blockchain experience with an end goal focused on mass blockchain adoption and ecosystem building.

Among the over 100 projects submitted by developers from Korea, China, US, France, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, India and the Philippines, are Klaytn-based tools like wallets and exchanges. These tools enhance bapp development and usability.

15 award winning teams that have the most potential to deliver were picked by the judges. Practical service and user-friendly blockchain experience were the key winning qualities.

The top five winners are listed below.

#1: Exnomy (India & Korea)

Using a competitive gas fee structure and high scalability, Exnomy enables the Klaytn token (KLAY) to be tradeable for other digital assets. The hybrid crypto exchange focuses on strong security and lightning fast transaction process times.

#2: Jetstream (Korea)

Jetstream allows users to trade KLAY and other Klaytn-based tokens directly into the Chrome browser.

#3: (The Philippines & Korea) provides a user interface that allows people to seamlessly swap between KLAY and Klaytn Compatible Tokens (KCT).

#4: KUSD Stablecoin (U.S. & Russia)

The KUSD Stablecoin has a clear goal of mitigating KLAY’s arbitration risk and volatility that is inherent to all crypto assets by pegging it to USD.

#5: Odin for Klaytn (Korea)

Odin for Klaytn focuses on security and robustness of the smart contracts deployed on the blockchain, providing real-time auditing tools. Using that, developers can easily analyze their smart contract code, ultimately preventing future malicious attacks.


  • Tier 1 (the first 5 teams) – $100,000 worth of KLAY token each.
  • Tier 2 (the second 5 teams) – $50,000 worth of KLAY token each.
  • Tier 3 (the third 5 teams) – $30,000 worth of KLAY token each.

Similar to their predecessors who enjoy listing on and ‘State of the Dapps’, the winning teams will be promoted on these Klaytn partner listing platforms.

“We are excited to welcome prospective blockchain services in various industry domains including finance, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology,” said Chase Choi, the Head of Business. “Klaytn is going to provide the winning teams with full support on business and technical sides for successful service operation and mutual growth with us. To foster a healthy blockchain ecosystem, we also excluded gambling services,” he added.

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