Andjela Radmilac

Andjela is a journalist with a background in languages in literature. After covering politics for several years, she transitioned to the crypto industry in 2018 and has since been featured in various publications.

CoinMENA Acquires License From Central Bank of Bahrain

  • CoinMENA has obtained a "Crypto Assets Services Company License" from the Central Bank of Bahrain.
  • The license will allow the exchange to operate in Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman.

OKEx Exchange Launches Swap, Farming DApps

  • OKEx has launched Swap and Farm dApps on its OKExChain network.
  • OKT token holders will be able to stake OKT to earn OKT-USDT LP tokens and earn yield from providing liquidity to the OKT_USDT Farm Pool.

VanEck Seeks SEC Approval to Launch ETF

  • VanEck has filed a request with the SEC to launch a digital asset-related ETF.
  • The fund would track the performance of companies operating in the crypto industry.

Indian Cloud Provider Tanla to Launch Encrypted Messaging Platform With Microsoft

  • Indian cloud communications firm Tanla and Microsoft will launch a blockchain-based CPaaS.
  • The Azure-based platform will provide a more secure messaging system to enterprises.

BitMEX Operator Joins Global Digital Finance Organization

  • BitMEX's parent company 100x has joined Global Digital Finance (GDS).
  • Joining the organization will enable 100x to advocate for a better regulated financial system.

Oasis Pro Receives FINRA Approval For Digital Asset Trading Platform

  • Broker-dealer Oasis Pro Markets received approval from FINRA and SEC to launch a digital asset trading platform.
  • The platform will enable users to trade digital securities with stablecoins and CBDCs.

Thai Stock Exchange to Launch Tokenized Assets

  • The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will be launching a digital asset exchange in the second half of 2021.
  • The exchange will only list tokenized digital assets.

xSigma to Launch Decentralized Index Fund

  • A subsidiary of Chinese pipeline manufacturer ZK International announced the launch of a decentralized index fund platform.
  • The platform will enable users to create their own indexes in the form of Ethereum tokens.

Dubai Looking to Regulate Digital Assets

  • Dubai's top financial regulator is drawing up a new framework to regulate digital assets.
  • The regulation is set to cover a wide range of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

e-Money to Launch Stablecoins on Avalanche

  • e-Money will be launching a suite of European-currency stablecoins on Avalanche.
  • Users will be able to buy and sell the stablecoins on the e-Money wallet and trade them on the e-Money DEX.