Andjela Radmilac

Andjela is a journalist with a background in languages in literature. After covering politics for several years, she transitioned to the crypto industry in 2018 and has since been featured in various publications.

EasyFi Hack Was Caused by Compromised Admin Keys

  • Compromised MetaMask admin keys were used to drain over $70 million in EASY tokens from the protcol.
  • CEO Ankitt Gaur offered a $1 million reward for returning the funds.

WeWork to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

  • WeWork will begin accepting BTC, ETH, USDC, PAX, and other cryptocurrencies through BitPay.
  • Coinbase will become the first company to pay for its WeWork membership with cryptocurrencies.

Deutsche Telekom Invests in Blockchain Network Celo

  • Deutsche Telekom will act as a validator on the Celo network through its subsidiary.
  • The company is the first telecoms provider to join the Celo Alliance.

eToro Adds Support For Chainlink, Uniswap

  • UNI is the first DeFi token to list on eToro.
  • The new offering brings the total number of tokens available on eToro to 18.

Refinable Becomes First Polkastarter IDO Exclusive to Binance Smart Chain

  • The NFT marketplace's IDO will take place on 23 April, with the project distributing 500 million $FINE tokens.
  • This is the first time a project exclusive to BSC is having an IDO on Polkastarter.

Binance Chain Burns $595 Million Worth of BNB

  • Binance burned 1,099,888 BNB, reducing the total supply of the token to 169,423,937 BNB.
  • This is the highest-ever burn in terms of dollar-value, as BNB has seen its price increase 1,581% during Q1 2021.

Flow Blockchain Launches Test Environment For Smart Contracts

  • Flow Playground is a web-based, interactive testnet that enables developers to write and run smart contracts on Flow.
  • The company also introduced a new programming language called Cadence set to make app development simpler.

Societe Generale Issues Security Token on Tezos

  • The bank issued a €5 million Euro Medium-Term Note (EMNT), a type of fixed debt security that expires in 5 to 10 years.
  • The transaction is a key step in launching the bank's enterprise-focused crypto arm in 2022.

1inch Network Optimized For The Berlin Hard Fork

  • 1inch optimized its smart contracts to avoid suffering from increased costs brought on by the Berlin hard fork.
  • One of the EIPs incorporated in the fork could triple the cost for swapping tokens on DEXs.

BitPay Joins The Crypto Open Patent Alliance

  • BitPay, a leading provider of crypto payment services, has joined the alliance to share its open-source projects.
  • COPA is focused on removing patents to encourage crypto development and adoption.