Andjela Radmilac

Andjela is a journalist with a background in languages and literature. After covering politics for several years, she transitioned to the crypto industry in 2018 and has since been featured in various publications.

Huobi Launches New Digital Asset Mining Platform

  • Primepool will enable users to participate in the launch of new premium projects on Huobi.
  • Users will be able to "mine" new assets by staking HT or ETH, receiving rewards in the form of new tokens.

Synthetix Goes Live on Optimistic Ethereum L2

  • During the initial testing phase, Synthetix exchanges will be enabled for sUSD, sBTC,sETH, and sLINK trading on Optimistic Ethereum L2.
  • Optimistic Ethereum is set to bring significant improvements to Synthetix, including lower fees and better trade security.

Diginex Closes $6 Million Series A Funding Round

  • The funding round, led by Fitch Group, brings the total amount raised by the company to $8 million.
  • Diginex will use the investment to improve its DiginexESG platform.

Okcoin Secures Crypto Licenses in Malta and the Netherlands

  • The company has secured approval from the Malta Financial Services Authority and formal registration from the Dutch Central Bank.
  • The licenses will enable the company to establish additional banking partnerships and payment rails in Europe.

Ripple Launches First On-Demand Liquidity Service in Japan

  • SBI Remit has partnered with to facilitate remittance payments from Japan to the Philippines using Ripple.
  • Ripple's ODL service will enable the companies to provide faster and more affordable remittance options.

Mastercard Onboards 7 Startups to its Start Path Program

  • GK8, Domain Money, Mintable, SupraOracles, STACS, Taurus, and Uphold have joined Mastercard's new Start Path program.
  • The startups will leverage Mastercard's tools and network to address various pain points in the crypto and blockchain industries.’s Bullish Exchange Launches Private Pilot Program

  • The 7-week private pilot program will offer a select group of retail and institutional investors the opportunity to use Bullish.
  • The exchange will feature a unique Hybrid Order Book, yield-earning Liquidity Pools, and top-notch security.

ZKSwap Launches V2 With Unlimited Token Listing, Custom Fee Tokens, and L2 Deployments

  • ZKSwap is targeting a Layer-1 Ethereum mainnet launch on 28 July, with L2 deployments on BSC, HECO, and OEC to follow soon after.
  • V2 will enable users to list any ERC-20 token and choose between 4 different tokens when paying withdrawal fees.

Simplex Partners With Allpay to Launch Crypto Debit Card

  • will provide Simplex users with a bespoke Visa debit card.
  • The card will enable users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Amazon Reportedly Looking to Accept Bitcoin Payments

  • An anonymous source said that Amazon was looking to introduce Bitcoin payments by the end of 2021.
  • Within the next year, the company is reportedly planning to introduce other cryptocurrencies and explore the launch of a native token.