A Partnership Between Fabric Token and Bounty0x Makes Running an ICO Simpler

Fabric Token-powered web application TokenGen has received its 4.3 update, which includes Bounty0x integration, following a partnership between the two ICO-funded projects.

For the unaware, TokenGen is a web-based code generation tool specifically for ICO-running purposes. It automatically generates code for the user’s crowdsale based on user-selected features and user-set variables, providing the customer with a high-coverage set of unit tests to go with the code as well as a control panel to run Solidity functions directly from the TokenGen website, removing the need for technical knowledge and saving time.

The low price for TokenGen’s features (starting at $11, capped at $103 at the time of writing) has attracted many startups in 2018 and 2019, resulting in almost a hundred ICO-package sales as well as several customer success stories, the most recent one being AdultX Token which just reached its soft cap.


One feature that was previously not provided, but Bounty0x excels at, was bounty campaign automation. For the unaware, Bounty0x is a token-agnostic platform which allows companies to provide crypto bounties in exchange for completed tasks. Similarly to TokenGen, it is in active development, and sees frequent updates.

This partnership will allow TokenGen users to automate the majority of tedious ICO-related work at low cost, and instead focus on the perfect business plan, their actual products, and their marketing.

As for crypto holders, this piece of news is yet another showcase of utility tokens being used for their actual utility. Both ICO-funded startups manage to attract customers who buy tokens in order to use them, and not just for speculation.

If actual use is the defining factor in cryptocurrency pricing, it is a great indicator that the massive price correction of 2018 could be near its end.

And even if it takes another few months for cryptocurrency prices to stabilise and find their true bottom, it is refreshing to see projects deliver on promises and provide frequent updates to their live platforms – in contrast to a large number of scams and overpriced hype-driven products with no utility.

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