Polkadot coin

According to an XPOP press release from 10 June, the firm will leverage its partnerships with several K-pop entertainment companies in Korea to enable artists to register and distribute content. The upcoming NFT marketplace will provide artists with a decentralized service to certify the originality of their content and register content ownership. Artists and entertainment companies will also be able to distribute their content through the XPOP blockchain network.

The XPOP blockchain is actually a Polkadot Parachain and will enable the use of various other crypto-based and collectible content features in addition to NFTs. So far, the platform has been tested with digital photo cards and illustrations of K-pop artists, with the company saying more collectibles will be introduced in the future. 

In the following months, the company will be establishing new partnerships and expanding its K-pop entertainment business to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

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