VMware Blockchain Facilitates Dell to Clean the Oceans from Plastic

  • Dell uses plastics from e-waste to create new parts for their products.
  • Using VMware’s track and trace blockchain solution, users can see the recycled material’s attribution, the type of plastic used, and its recovery location.
The Palo Alto campus of VMware covers 105 acres and has 17 buildings

The Palo Alto campus of VMware covers 105 acres and has 17 buildings. Leonides T. Saguisag Jr./VMware

VMware’s Pratima Gluckman shared some details regarding her firm’s project in cooperation with Dell to track and trace its recycled packaging materials using blockchain technology, during an interview with GreenBiz.

Dell is privileged to be among the top producers of laptop and periphery computer parts who have a robust supply chain in South East Asia that can be used to reduce this region’s 60% share in ocean plastics. This is attained by adding recycled waste to its supply chain.

To fulfill their goal of ridding the ocean of three million pounds of waste in the next five years, Dell, in 2014, created a revolving economy that integrates plastics from e-waste recyclers and recycles it into new parts.

Pratima said that a Dell laptop user can view the recycled material’s attribution, the type of plastic used and its recovery location using VMware’s track and trace blockchain solution.

Dell’s existing supply chain for recycled material is made up of plastic accumulators, plastic waste processors and manufacturers. The validity of the recycled material is bolstered by the recording of all transactions between the three players on VMware’s blockchain network.

Gluckman continued on to say that Dell is using blockchain to prove that plastic collectors are paid and that there is no coercion into free labor and no traces of human trafficking. VMware is Dell’s blockchain solution for sustainability for its own supply chain.

Plastic Bank, similar to Dell, is a company that has invested in blockchain and tokenization to restrict plastics from entering oceans and wrestle destitution in South East Asia.

SC Johnson, a U.S. maker of a household cleaning agent, partnered with Plastic Bank, two months back, to buy recycled plastics for manufacture from the latter.

VMware, majority owned by Dell, has also partnered with Digital Asset to have their DAML smart contracting language assimilated with VMware blockchain. Alongside this, the ASX DLT-based settlement system influences VMware’s blockchain in combination with DAML.

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