Unibright & Provide Team Up To Create ‘Baselined’ Blockchain Toolset

  • The Baseline protocol will ensure the integrity of complex workflows, which are most of the time confidential.
  • Thanks to the project, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics systems will be able to operate in sync.

The German blockchain innovators Unibright announced a partnership with enterprise low-code application platform Provide, intending to build an enterprise benchmark for a user-friendly, simple DevOps experience for the blockchain application lifecycle. Both companies are working together on the Baseline Protocol Initiative by OASIS, which mixes advances in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain and aims to provide secure and private business mechanisms at low cost via the Ethereum Mainnet.

With more than 20 years of experience, Unibright builds enterprise solutions, invests in start-ups, develops process modeling tools and integration platforms, and offers a 360° ecosystem related to tokenized assets.

Unibright’s side of the project will support business processes through the company’s Unibright Workflow Designer, which provides dedicated, visually customizable templates. Unibright’s Framework will generate all needed objects such as contracts, connection adaptors, and mappings, which can be deployed by Provide’s orchestration services. Shuttle, Provide’s blockchain integration fabric, can then offer services for key management, payments, identity, and secure messaging through the RESTful APIs of the aforementioned objects.

Founder and CEO of Unibright, Marten Jung, commented on the partnership:

“Enterprises are always hampered adopting emerging technologies early by their hard requirements to solve for complexity and scale. Our work with Provide will help eliminate complexity from the blockchain application lifecycle and build baselined ecosystem sized solutions that are substantially safer than their predecessors. The availability of these tools and standards is a huge milestone for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology we are all very much looking forward to.”

The two companies first linked through their mutual effort on implementing procurement mechanisms across a supply chain that uses ‘baselined’ integration techniques. That way, diverse SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems will be able to work in sync. As demonstrated by the PoC, the Ethereum Mainnet is capable of being that always-on, tamper-resistant, low-cost integration fabric.

The Baseline protocol, which is available in GitHub, guarantees the truthfulness in sophisticated confidential workflows across enterprises without the preceding method of moving company data.

Founder and CEO of Provide Technologies, Kyle Thomas, shared:

“Unibright and Provide share the vision to help organizations get to market faster with blockchain-based solutions. Our collaboration with Unibright to baseline SAP and Microsoft Dynamics showed us how complementary our tools are to execute that shared vision. The combined capabilities of our respective offerings will unlock an extraordinary amount of productivity and ecosystem benefits for organizations of all sizes.”

Provide Technologies’ mission is to make application development accessible across any cloud or protocol.

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