Unibright Partner With CONA Services To Establish “Coca-Cola Bottling Harbor”

  • The project will be launched in response to various technical problems related to the internal referencing of business objects.
  • The companies will work towards the realization of a new integrated, private, and distributed integration network.

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On August 3, Unibright, a blockchain company developing enterprise blockchain applications, announced the launch of its new project, aiming to baseline the North America Coca-Cola bottling supply chain. To realize this new idea, the company will cooperate with Provide, an enterprise low-code application platform for distributed systems, and CONA (Coke One North America) Services, the tech partner of the 12th largest Coca-Cola bottlers in North America.

According to the announcement, the project will further increase the transparency and efficiency in bottlers’ intricate supply chain, while also extending the use-case from the internal network to a larger audience. This way internal bottlers-suppliers will be able to provide products to the bottling network, and external suppliers will be allowed to benefit from an integrated, private, and distributed integration network.

There are a lot of benefits that will follow the integration of the Baseline Protocol into CONA’s solution. The company pointed out that this change will allow using the public Ethereum mainnet as an always-on, pay-per-use frame of reference, keeping enterprise data in traditional systems of record, and enabling complex, private, and inter-organizational business process automation. Moreover, the protocol will provide extensibility for DeFi and asset tokenization use cases, as well as bring the project to OASIS standard by being an openly-governed source.

Unibright stated that their new project will eliminate coordination problems by ensuring all parties agree to the latest, authoritative versions and utilize an agreement on the latest baselined version of the “desired truth” to negotiate error handling and partial re-deliveries. They also said that an accessible technology stack and ERP integration will be made available to all participants, promising to tokenize invoices within a baseline process as well as extend existing Hyperledger-based implementation to integrate with the Baseline Protocol.

All of these changes are said to be in direct response to the various challenges presented in referencing business objects like Request, Proposal, Purchase Order, Delivery, Invoice, and Payment. The relationship between buyers and suppliers could result in obstacles connected to false purchase orders, manual errors in deliveries, and prevention from integrating small participants with the ecosystem due to technical and cost barriers. This new mutual project will aim to deal with such technical issues and create an internal environment suitable for the needs of Coca-Cola bottlers.

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